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ACP Internist

ACP Internist Weekly. Delivers a summary of the week's top internal medicine research each Tuesday. ... ACP Hospitalist Weekly. Delivers a summary of the week's top research in hospital medicine to ACP members each Wednesday.

Textbook edition reflects evolution of hospital medicine

An update for hospital medicine was essential, said Dr. McKean, the book's chief editor. ... This edition exemplifies how the specialty of hospital medicine has evolved and the skills that hospitalists need to have,” she said.
February 2017

Pareto's Principle in hospital medicine

Pareto's Principle in hospital medicine. There are certain universal laws that appear to govern the broader workings of the world around us. ... That being the case, I thought I would apply Pareto's Principle to the practice of hospital medicine:. •
May 2022

Medicine and management: hits from Hospital Medicine

CHICAGO—Hospital Medicine 2009 sessions were a lot like hospitalist's daily schedules: varied, detailed and wide-ranging. ... ACP Hospitalist is distributed free of charge to individuals involved in hospital medicine.
July 2009

An internist makes the leap to practice hospital medicine

He was very enthusiastic and passionate about how hospital medicine was going to evolve, and I think some of it rubbed off on me. ... I was also in the inaugural class of fellows of the Society of Hospital Medicine last May, and I was pretty pleased with
March 2010

High-value care a focus at Hospital Medicine 2017

Mattison, MD, FACP, chief of the hospital medicine unit at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. ... Mattison. Another study, published in the August 2016 Journal of Hospital Medicine, retrospectively followed about 260 older patients given
July 2017

Hospital medicine meeting offers advice for all internists

Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM), held this April in Washington, D.C. ... Pile, FACP, interim division director of hospital medicine at Case Western Reserve University/MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.
June 2010

An app for delirium

Marcantonio, MD, and other researchers have repeatedly found delirium to be under-recognized among hospital patients. ... To evaluate the app, hospitalists, nurses, and nursing assistants on hospital medicine services at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical
May 2022

Questions, answers on certification

Ejnes, a member of ABIM's board of directors and a member of the Internal Medicine Board. ... vendor. He also confirmed that physicians who want to maintain Focused Practice in Hospital Medicine must do so through the 10-year exam; no two-year option is
June 2017

Prepping IM residents for primary care

Programs can also take advantage of the national trend of hospital medicine, said Dr. ... Kohlwes said. However, the colliding eras of inpatient-heavy residency and hospital medicine often make it difficult for residents to leave their comfort zone, Dr.
May 2017

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