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An ode to Osler

I was honored to receive the William Osler Medal of the American Association for the History of Medicine in 1968 for an essay I had written on medical history. ... The identifiable stages were as follows: First, a desire to master all of medicine, with a
November 2019

Social history of medicine, self-reliance and health care today

Social history of medicine, self-reliance and health care today. Over my vacation I read a bit on the history of health care in the United States. ... the authority of medicine now reached the far larger number who could consult a physician's book.".
November 2019

Quantified self

I feel like we are on the threshold of a new and really important era in the evolving history of medicine. ... medicine, epidemiology, and prevention at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell.
November 2019


What does it mean to know something in medicine? Explore medical epistemologies in “I Know Nothing,” the latest Bedside Rounds podcast episode. ... ACP's partnership with Bedside Rounds offers ACP members insight on the history of medicine and how
November 2019

Abandon primary care for 'Advanced Care Medicine'

The choice of nomenclature is yours, of course, but DrRich humbly suggests "Advanced Care Medicine.". ... There really ought to be nothing particularly revolutionary about this kind of practice, since it was the norm throughout most of the history of
November 2019

QD: News Every Day--Many 'medical advances' eventually overturned

Reviewers classified all original articles that tested a new medical practice or therapy published from 2001 to 2010 in the New England Journal of Medicine into four types: "replacement," a new ... time in the history of medicine.
November 2019

An internist with many interests

and Canadian health care systems to explanations of the history of medicine through 100 great works of art (a past offering at ACP's Internal Medicine Meeting), among other topics. ... Murray. “I'm also interested in the history of medicine, so I'm
January 2015

Think like a doctor, part II

Think like a doctor, part II. In part I we discussed the history of medicine as a science. ... ill. This part of medicine: this rapport, this compassion, is essential to good patient care.
November 2019

Capital location inspires political theme for annual meeting

Leadership also will be this year's focus for a tradition of the annual meeting—the History of Medicine series. ... Paauw. Book author Emily R. Transue, FACP, will teach about the importance of storytelling in medicine in a course titled “Embracing
April 2008

Think like a doctor, part III

Think like a doctor, part III. In part I we discussed the history of medicine as a science. ... The practice of medicine requires a thorough dedication to science and a deep well of compassion.
November 2019

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