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and how to use CGM data to empower patients to improve their type 2 diabetes self-management. ... This presentation will offer information on CGM device options, how to use CGM generated data to guide patients to improve diabetes self-management, as well
May 2021

Test yourself

She has no other medical problems. Which of the following is the most appropriate next step in management? ... A common clinical scenario in diabetes management is the patient whose hemoglobin A.
December 2010

What's new in other College publications Including expanded online diabetes management offerings and MKSAP updates. ACP's Diabetes Portal. ... The ACP Diabetes Portal, a site that was developed to assist the entire clinical care team in
January 2009


To examine the association between the EHR and disease control in diabetics, researchers looked at diabetes management and treatment outcomes sequentially across 17 medical centers from 2004 to 2009, adjusting for ... Data were derived from a
October 2012

Monitoring glucose minute by minute

insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring programs at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston. ... Also, he added, “I think this is the direction that diabetes is going.
October 2010

Phone calls ease isolation during COVID-19

Another possibility is to tie the program to chronic disease self-management, Dr. ... Kahlon said. “If people have both depression and diabetes, is there a way that this can come together with traditional diabetes management programs to get a greater
February 2022

Highlights MKSAP Quiz: Type 2 diabetes management. Prevention remains the best approach for reducing the burden of stroke, and at-risk people ... mm Hg in patients with diabetes or renal disease) and
December 2010

Two-pronged plan to attack prediabetes

If you define diabetes as a fasting glucose of 126 or more, what is 124? ... Preventive Services Task Force found little direct evidence for targeted or mass diabetes screening.
October 2008

Test yourself

The remainder of the examination is normal. After laboratory studies, what is the appropriate management? ... Patients such as this one with evidence of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease should receive medical therapy, including lifestyle
November 2021

Seeking clarity for opioid prescribing

taken by as many as 8 million Americans for long-term pain management. ... with diabetes management, Dr.
April 2015

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