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Guidelines call for depression screening

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force's (USPSTF) depression screening guidelines, published in the Dec. ... Treating that depression, studies have shown, can and does significantly improve chronic-disease outcomes.
March 2010

ACP Internist

If a hydrotherapy patient were to tell me that his depression has eased, I would express great satisfaction over this.
November 2019

Contaminated truths: Wellbutrin, depression, GSK and evidence

The evidence for these is untainted by Big Pharma, though it's susceptible to the same problems and controversies afflicting all pharmacological treatment for depression. ... All the authors were getting money from them all. Do I think Wellbutrin is a
November 2019


Impairment related to dizziness, anxiety, depressive symptoms, subjective improvement in symptoms after three and six months, and adverse events were secondary outcomes.
November 2019

Post-stroke depression: cultural differences

One study on stroke patient caregivers found African American caregivers had a 3.7 times lower risk for depression than whites. ... There is some evidence that while somatic symptoms of depression may be the same between cultures, cognitive symptoms may
November 2019

How depression breaks the heart

Patients reporting symptoms of depression had a 50% greater risk of CV events. ... Put another way, not exercising was associated with a 44% higher rate of CV events-- almost the same as the depression association.
November 2019

QD: News Every Day--Depression interventions may increase treatment, but not outcomes

Use of a tailored interactive computer program for depression immediately prior to a primary care visit resulted in the increased of recommended prescriptions or mental health referrals compared with a control ... computer program that was tailored to
November 2019

QD: News Every Day--Taking opioid analgesics for longer spans may lead to depression

QD: News Every Day--Taking opioid analgesics for longer spans may lead to depression. ... The risk of development of depression may increase when patients are on opioid analgesics longer, a study found.
November 2019

QD: News Every Day--Patients need prompting to bring up depression

Surprisingly, only about 6% of respondents doubted their ability to initiate a conversation about depression with their doctor.". ... The number one reason for that is because recognition of depression starts with disclosure from the patient.".
November 2019

Mushrooms (psilocybin) studied for oncology and depression

Mushrooms (psilocybin) studied for oncology and depression. In “study of the week” news, major media outlets reported on two small studies looking at the possible benefits of the chemical psilocybin, the ... Both studies were conducted in volunteers
November 2019

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