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AHA releases scientific statement on cardiovascular health in African-American patients

Obesity, hypertension, and diabetes generally occur earlier in African-American patients than in white patients, and adverse health behaviors may partly explain the higher burden of risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
31 Oct 2017

Understanding heart failure in African Americans

African Americans have a higher incidence of heart disease at a younger age, and they meet fewer criteria for ideal cardiovascular health, such as nonsmoking, physical activity, and lower body mass index.
1 Nov 2019

New studies analyze risk factors, treatments for afib

One study found that early rhythm control was better than rate control for low-risk patients, another found that age at menarche and menopause was associated with afib risk, and another indicated that women's lower risk for afib is due to their smaller body size compared with men.
6 Sep 2022

Take a tiered approach to CVD

Primary care physicians' efforts are paying off as they promote primary prevention of cardiovascular disease, even in a time-pressed visit.
1 Feb 2022

Preventive aspirin inflames opinions

Aspirin's long-standing role in cardiovascular health does not resolve its precise benefit in terms of cardiovascular prevention, specifically in patients who haven't had a myocardial infarction or stroke.
1 May 2015

New research looks at COVID-19 quarantine length in asymptomatic contacts, convalescent plasma for mild disease, related health issues

Seven-day quarantine may be sufficient for contacts without symptoms, older adults with mild disease may benefit from convalescent plasma, and cardiovascular deaths increased during the early stage of the pandemic.
12 Jan 2021

Improving rural health takes effort, energy

The need for improvements in the prevention of obesity and diabetes rates in poor and underserved communities has driven new outreach programs that range from smoking cessation in high school to dietary support in grocery stores.
1 Sep 2015

Smoking cessation study supports ‘never too early, never too late’

Smoking cessation was consistently related to lower risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and peripheral artery disease (PAD), although a significantly elevated risk for PAD persisted up to 30 years after smoking cessation.
23 Jul 2019

Text messages may improve glycemic control in patients with diabetes and coronary disease

Patients in a Chinese study received six automated text messages per week with educational and motivational information on glucose monitoring, blood pressure control, medication adherence, physical activity, and lifestyle.
10 Sep 2019

The never-ending push-pull of statins

Statins have proven their potential to reduce end-point outcomes, such as death from cardiovascular disease. But the drug class also has some downsides, and the pros and the cons become a close call.
1 Apr 2017

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