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Increasing colorectal cancer screening

Perhaps more so than other preventive care, colorectal cancer screening has an infamous reputation. ... To examine status quo bias in the setting of colorectal cancer screening, Dr.
January 2019

Preventive care Campaigns for improvement should target primary care clinicians to increase awareness of the benefits of lung cancer screening, the authors noted. ... They noted that their analysis also revealed
August 2021

Education Denitza Blagev, MD, addresses recommendations for lung cancer screening as well as some of the terms used by pulmonologists and radiologists. ... Denitza Blagev, MD, demystifies the world of
March 2020

Lung cancer screening guideline debated

Profit-seekers jumped on lung cancer screening before any guidelines recommended it, Dr. ... All of the experts would like to see additional evidence about the effects of lung cancer screening.
March 2014

Colorectal cancer The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended colorectal cancer screening begin at age 45 years based on an evidence review ... The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) expanded its
May 2021

Colorectal screening methods debated

Imperiale said. “We're not just saying, ‘It's time for your colon cancer screening. ... Colonoscopy versus fecal immunochemical testing in colorectal-cancer screening. N Engl J Med.
June 2016

Preventive care

The study also looked at physician- and patient-related factors associated with low-value cancer screening. ... 543 patients older than age 75 years were included in the analyses for colorectal cancer screening.
August 2021

Lung cancer

To evaluate early use of lung cancer screening in this population, researchers used Medicare fee-for-service claims for lung cancer screening between Jan. ... Newer data have suggested increasing lung cancer screening utilization in more recent years,
June 2020

Squeezing in the cancer screening talk

We have evidence, and practitioners should use that to improve cancer screening rates. ... Cancer screening is a strategy and a pathway, not just a single test,” he said.
October 2019

Colorectal cancer

50 to 64 years who were current with colorectal cancer screening (76.5% and 72.1%, respectively). ... They wrote that concerted efforts are needed to inform younger patients about the benefits, insurance coverage, and methods of colorectal cancer
March 2020

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