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Register now for ACP's and Annals of Internal Medicine's forum on controversies in colorectal cancer screening

A panel of experts will discuss colorectal cancer screening options based on diagnostic test accuracy, effectiveness, and potential harm during the virtual live event on Dec. 6 from 3:30 to 5 p.m. ET.
21 Nov 2023

Be on alert for blood cancer precursors

Joseph R. Mikhael, MD, FACP, reviewed practical approaches to two premalignant conditions, monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) and monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis (MBL).
1 Jul 2023

Primary care reminders, outreach boosted overdue cancer screening follow-up

Electronic reminders alone did not increase follow-up rates for abnormal breast, cervical, colorectal, or lung cancer screening test results, but adding outreach by letter and phone did, a study found.
17 Oct 2023

Raising awareness about HPV-related cancers

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine can potentially prevent more than 90% of HPV-associated cancers. Generally given to teens, it can be offered to adults as well.
1 Oct 2023

MKSAP Quiz: Management of metastatic cancer

A 68-year-old man is evaluated for early satiety and right upper quadrant discomfort. CT scan of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis shows hepatomegaly with multiple metastatic lesions and abdominal carcinomatosis with a small amount of ascites. What is the most appropriate management?
1 Aug 2023

New COVID-19 boosters, DNA test for cancer risk OK’ed

This column reviews recent recalls, alerts, and approvals.
1 Nov 2023

Breast cancer overdiagnosis common among older women

Breast cancer rates among women ages 75 to 84 years were 4.9 cases per 100 screened women compared to 2.6 cases per 100 unscreened women, according to a retrospective cohort study assessing risk of overdiagnosis.
8 Aug 2023

MKSAP Quiz: Evaluation of lung cancer risk during a routine visit

This week's quiz asks readers to determine the most appropriate lung cancer screening test for a 63-year-old woman with a 37-pack-year history of cigarette smoking who quit smoking at age 55 years and has COPD but reports no symptoms concerning for lung cancer.
16 May 2023

The human right to health

The intrinsic connection between health and life's quintessential pursuits is undeniable.
1 Nov 2023

Start screening for colorectal cancer at age 50 years, ACP suggests

An update of ACP's 2019 guidance statement on the topic suggests that clinicians start screening for colorectal cancer in asymptomatic average-risk adults at age 50 years and consider not screening those between the ages of 45 and 49 years.
1 Aug 2023

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