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Breast cancer

of physical and psychosocial long-term and late effects of breast cancer and treatment, health promotion, and care coordination and practice implications. ... of breast cancer and treatment, health promotion, and care coordination and practice
December 2015

Internist follow-up key for breast cancer survivors

Jacqueline Fincher, FACP, is vigilant in her management of patients with breast cancer. ... That connection has become more important with so many more women surviving breast cancer.
May 2009


The model used data about breast density, distribution of breast cancer molecular subtypes, age, stage at which treatment is started, and nonbreast cancer mortality in Black and White women. ... However, as this study showed, a failure to consider race
October 2021

Predicting risk is next challenge in tackling breast cancer

women with an approximately 20% to 25% or greater lifetime risk of breast cancer. ... Tamoxifen and raloxifene halve the incidence of breast cancer among women at increased risk.
June 2009

Breast cancer

women who had breast cancer surgery and were at increased risk for postoperative upper limb disability. ... of early exercise for women at high risk of shoulder problems and upper limb morbidity after non-reconstructive breast cancer treatment,” they
November 2021

Breast cancer

Breast cancer risk was analyzed according to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) regimen, whether estrogen only or combined estrogen and progestogen. ... HRT use and breast cancer than other recent research, as well as more pronounced declines in risk once
November 2020

What's next for breast cancer screening?

The release last November of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force's new guidelines on screening for breast cancer prompted an immediate firestorm. ... As always, we want to hear from you. If you have an opinion about the breast cancer screening
February 2010

Breast cancer

The main outcome measures were incident invasive breast cancer and death from breast cancer. ... The breast cancer death rate was similar to that expected from national mortality rates during the first five years after DCIS diagnosis but increased
June 2020

Breast cancer

Guidelines on breast cancer screening from the European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer have important differences from U.S. ... guidelines, according to a recent synopsis and editorial. The European Commission Initiative for Breast Cancer
November 2019

DynaMed Plus Quiz: Breast cancer screening

a woman without current signs or symptoms of breast cancer, with the goal to detect disease as early as possible. ... According to this study, which one of the following was true regarding recurrent breast cancer?
July 2017

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