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Alcohol use, misuse recently on the rise

With routine use of a short screening tool, primary care physicians could more frequently flag emerging alcohol issues.
1 Mar 2023

Alcohol screening in primary care increased initial treatment but not longer-term engagement

An intervention in Washington state that encouraged primary care practices to screen all adult patients for alcohol use disorder increased the rate of new alcohol use disorder diagnoses from 28.8 to 33.8 per 10,000 patients per month.
7 Mar 2023

Learn the latest on excessive alcohol use, opioid use disorder

This month's issue addresses alcohol use and misuse, prescribing buprenorphine, and improving health care's response to future pandemics.
1 Mar 2023

Effects of pandemic on alcohol use, mental health, primary care, and hospitalizations

Recent studies found that the pandemic was associated with increases in alcohol use and internet searches for mental health issues. The rise of telemedicine meant fewer blood pressure and cholesterol evaluations, and hospitalizations for several non-COVID-19 conditions stayed below normal.
6 Oct 2020

Evaluating alcohol use in ‘Dry January’

With the pandemic's effects on drinking as a backdrop, public health initiatives like “Dry January” may be enticing to patients who want to pause their drinking and examine their habits.
1 Jan 2022

MKSAP Quiz: Follow-up after severe acute pancreatitis and abdominal pain

This week's quiz asks readers to choose the most appropriate management of a 55-year-old man who was hospitalized two months ago for severe acute pancreatitis and had hypodense pancreatic lesions two weeks ago on contrast-enhanced pancreas-protocol CT.
29 Nov 2022

Daily low-dose aspirin associated with falls in healthy older people

A substudy of a randomized controlled trial found no improvement in risk for first fracture but a higher risk for serious falls in healthy patients ages 70 years and older taking 100 mg of aspirin per day versus those who were not.
15 Nov 2022

Alcohol use disorder increases after bariatric surgery

Patients were more likely to report symptoms of alcohol use disorder two years after bariatric surgery than they were presurgery, a new study found.
26 Jun 2012

Helping more patients quit smoking

Asking patients about smoking and advising them to quit is not enough to set them up for success.
1 Jun 2022

Efforts to stop coprescribing of opioids, benzodiazepines helped, but problem ongoing

Two recent studies examined national trends in opioid and benzodiazepine prescribing, one finding that prescribing of these drugs together and separately dropped nationally, while another showing that opioid prescribing for patients with alcohol use disorder (AUD) decreased in New York.
7 Jun 2022

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