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Improving trainee well-being vital to medical culture

From there, burnout and work-life balance dissatisfaction peak around midcareer, about 10 to 19 years after residency, noted Dr. ... There's also the illusion of physicians “having it all together,” leading them to avoid discussing challenges in
June 2022

Pandemic parenting as a physician

Then there was the ongoing balancing act of managing family activities and work commitments. ... Children also got a new, closer look at their parents' work, thanks to the pandemic.
October 2020

The Court, the College and an inevitable health care revolution

Residents coming out of residency or fellowship will have higher levels of debt, and a desire for greater work-life balance. ... Third, the College will continue to work to help our members be prepared for the ever-changing health care system.
June 2012

The challenge of time

It is simply unavoidable. But I wonder whether my schedule runs my life excessively. ... The frequently discussed topic of “work-life balance” is really one of time and where one derives value.
July 2019

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

Medicaid would be cut by $920 billion over 10 years by limiting eligibility, imposing work requirements, and offering states waivers to curtail Medicaid spending. ... Work-life balance had virtually no effect on the starting salary differential between
March 2020

How ‘seeing’ a patient has changed

Patients do not have to miss work or take time to travel to their doctor's office and can save money on related costs such as transportation, parking, and child care. ... Doctors are able to “see” more patients “virtually” throughout the day,
October 2020

Study finds internist burnout even before the pandemic

Given the epidemic of clinician burnout, affecting 45% to 55% of physicians nationally, the idea was to address work life and wellness and provide the conceptual basis and evidence-based interventions ... women clinicians, emphasizing work-life balance
January 2021

Don't put clinician burnout on the back burner

So what causes burnout? It's patient- and non-patient-related administrative tasks such as charting, documentation, and billing and insurance, as well as other factors such as work-life balance, ... All clinicians and staff members alike need work-life
July 2020

Physicians as caregivers balance professional, personal roles Physicians face choices as they find themselves caring for a family member or friend: coordinator, interpreter, and ... Finding the right balance
November 2020

A little girl's dream: The path to becoming ACP President

Marrying the right person is a critical life decision. In a 2018 article in “Harvard Business Review” on work-life balance, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox noted that your spouse can be your ... But a year later, my dream life seemed to be coming to a
April 2021

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