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With wellness habits: something is always better than nothing

I've found that for many people, especially those right at the start of their health and well-being journey, the task ahead may seem very daunting and intimidating.
March 2021

What to make of medical dogs

It is likely that the dog improves the woman's sense of security and well-being (something the literature supports in human-service dog relationships) but there is no way to ... There are many confounders, for example, in the few samples used, there may
March 2021

Preventing burnout is essential medicine for physicians

The foundation of this effort is 125 Well-Being Champions who will be accessible through our ACP chapters. ... Discuss this column in our Member Forum on Physician Well-Being and Professional Satisfaction.
January 2018

All health policy is political, as it must be

Instead, it's because we have determined, through our policy development process, that a public policy issue affects the well-being of our members, the health of patients, or both. ... Or will ACP continue to view its mission as advocating for both the
February 2019

Heart monitors and running toilets

Well, yes, I explained, we did have a toilet that had been running (which I have since fixed), but I was surprised that it could lead to such an outsized bill. ... make important observations about their own health and well-being.
March 2021

QD: News Every Day--Academics see slightly higher pay

teaching efforts, which are never as well compensated as clinical care.". ... These survey findings demonstrate that the passage of the Affordable Care Act last year was critical to the future health and well-being of working families," the report said.
March 2021

Health is more than health care

Twenty percent? How can so much spending impact so relatively little of our well-being? ... Environment: It's well known that those residing in certain Tulsa ZIP codes have life spans on average 11 years less than those in more affluent parts of the city
March 2021

Diet, deafness, and the drums of war

Eating well and being active is reliably, if imperfectly, associated with lasting weight control, and when those 4 factors are combined, not smoking, eating well, being active, and maintaining a healthy ... It rings true today, and of drums as well. The
March 2021

Following the rules when it's not 'your' patient

a patient's well-being be trusted to decide the best therapy for a patient?
March 2021

No easy fix for concussion diagnosis, management

More students have been graduating without carrying any debt, although the reasons for this are unclear, and the structure of some loan forgiveness programs is being reconsidered. ... Framing diagnosis and treatment to try to get to the root causes of
February 2019

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