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Primary care takes on opioid addiction

Mentoring programs and telemedicine can help improve physician knowledge about treatment for substance use disorders, according to the ACP position paper.
October 2017

Patient advocates? Really?

The piece described the decision by the Board to sharply curtail the use of telemedicine in the state. ... Specifically, the Board mandated that telemedicine services could only be provided in the context of a pre-existing patient/physician relationship,
May 2022

Collaboration with heart failure patients key

The COVID-19 pandemic's rapid shift to telemedicine has highlighted the potent role it could play moving forward in helping patients more rapidly reach their targeted medication regimen within six ... The paradigm of COVID is that it's allowing us to
July 2021

Is your practice ‘remote monitoring’ ready?

Offering telemedicine can help keep patients in your practice and may attract new patients, since making a face-to-face appointment can be difficult for those living in rural areas or ... Remote monitoring, a key component of telemedicine, allows the
January 2020

Simple conversations help strike staffing balance

Tools like telemedicine and patient portals can expand the walls of a practice and achieve enough efficiency to either reduce staffing needs or increase the ability to afford new hires.
April 2019

Narrative medicine skills bring physicians closer to patients

Even in a time of telemedicine and virtual medicine and artificial intelligence and robots, it is the humanities that will protect that singularity against the facelessness that some of medicine seems
February 2019

Managing patients with diabetes and heart failure

Mitchell said. She pointed out that there is a shortage of endocrinologists and that access to subspecialist care can be an issue but noted that telemedicine may soon be able to
November 2019

Home BP monitoring works, but not as well alone

setting up a telemedicine visit or having a nurse manager get in touch, he said.
November 2020

Conversing about cancer at ASCO conference

We provided education on the various roles of supportive care and psychosocial oncology disciplines and created referral pathways in the community with linkages to the cancer center using telemedicine.
September 2018

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

The Ethics Manual offers ethical guidance on genetic testing, telemedicine, end-of-life care, human subjects research, and more. ... New or significantly expanded sections include those on precision medicine and genetic testing, research and protection
January 2020

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