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The journey to equity includes health equity

telemedicine, to mental health services, and to substance use disorder treatment. ... The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and exaggerated many other health and health care disparities, including access to telemedicine, to mental health services, and to
January 2022

COVID-19 and primary care

earlier this year. While most critical care has happened in hospitals, primary care has also seen monumental changes, from overnight adoption of telemedicine to rescheduling of chronic care to, now, tentative ... A Q&A shows how one practice in rural
July 2020

Devil can be in the details for DME requests

Read our feature on an in-depth discussion of colonoscopy and its current and potential future place in screening for colorectal cancer, and learn how telemedicine was used at 13 hospitals
July 2014

Clarifying issues for telehealth services

The patchwork of state laws on telehealth can be a deterrent for physicians wishing to incorporate telemedicine into their practices. ... To learn about the benefits and risks of telemedicine, see ACP's policy paper on telemedicine.
January 2018

GME needs serious financial and structural reform

Instead, it posited that changes in care delivery, team-based care, advanced practice clinicians, and innovations in health care delivery, such as telemedicine, would avert workforce shortages.
September 2016

Helping hands come from the community

components evaluated, ranging from health IT to telemedicine to workforce redesign, only community health workers lowered total health costs (by $138 per beneficiary).
November 2019

To lie down, perchance to sleep

Dr. Yaggi added that most patients undergo CBT-I therapy with a clinical psychologist but added that new methods involve group sessions, telemedicine, and Internet-based delivery (see sidebar on page
September 2017

Influence, interactions, and ethical dilemmas

Should he keep the wine or not? ACP's Ethics Manual offers physicians new and expanded guidance on topics ranging from telemedicine to the changing practice environment to social media and ... ACP's most recent update of its Ethics Manual, which was
May 2019

How to start an NP/PA program

In a hospital that requires physician visits every day, could telemedicine take the place of those daily physician visits?
May 2019

From policy to results: How does it all come together?

to engage patients, the use of telemedicine and other health information technologies, practice transformation and improvement, and measurement of results.
March 2016

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