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Politics, religion and sex--avoiding 'third rail' topics in the exam room

Even if sexual abuse was an easy topic to discuss, I would not want to go there. ... substance abuse, legal problems, sexual misconduct, or abhorrent political attitudes.
November 2021

Suicide, psychiatric care and inadequate resources

These institutions fostered dependence, usually did not cure or treat psychiatric disorders, made patients vulnerable to abuse and, to top it all off, were quite expensive. ... We need systems to help take care of people with mental illness who need jobs
November 2021

Why should we shell out so much money for health care for the poor?

Medicaid's real weakness is that it pays and keeps on paying for the diseases of self-abuse and is not designed to make the necessary social impact to prevent the ... misery that leads to the problems of drug abuse, interpersonal violence, alcoholism and
November 2021

Recording patient visits questioned

Who will safeguard protected health information (e.g., HIV, mental illness, substance abuse) that is stored on portable devices in digital format?
June 2018

Breaking the cycle of patient trauma

A trauma-informed approach in health care involves recognition of the widespread impact of trauma and its signs and symptoms in patients and clinicians, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental ... Source: CDC. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health
February 2019

Unmask malnutrition with careful questions

For older patients, additional risks include depression, cognitive impairment, oral health, polypharmacy, living alone, and substance abuse, according to Gordon Jensen, MD, PhD, professor and head of nutritional sciences at Penn ... Thomas advised. In
April 2015

Seeking clarity for opioid prescribing

Although some who abuse prescription opioids obtain drugs through friends and family, an analysis published in the May 2014 JAMA Internal Medicine found that doctors were a key source for chronic ... Implement an opioid treatment agreement;. Screen for
April 2015

Letters to the Editor

In fact, in HIV-based practices, the current recommendations cover most preventive/health maintenance tasks such as smoking and substance abuse cessation counseling, STD education and screening/treatment, diabetes and lipid
April 2010

Rethinking the value of the annual exam

However, there is substantial evidence that checking for and treating cardiovascular risk factors, preventable or curable cancers, STDs, depression and substance abuse are all evidence-based, high-value activities.”.
January 2010

Screening for PTSD after life-threatening medical events

There can be an increase in smoking, drinking, substance abuse, or driving recklessly,” he said.
November 2015

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