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Internists can help with alcohol misuse

The term “alcohol use disorder,” which first appeared in DSM-5, is the consolidation of 2 former diagnoses: alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence, Dr. ... Saitz. Terms like “alcoholism” and “alcohol abuse” can be less than helpful in clinical
October 2015

Creating a practice that's open to GLBT patients

GLBT patients may also be more likely to engage in substance abuse, from smoking and overuse of alcohol to illegal drugs. ... When people come in for an STI check, I ask, ‘What raised the concern?’” It's almost always related to substance abuse,
January 2013

Letters to the Editor

the Division of Substance Abuse at Columbia University confirms continued medical bias in favor of other, more harmful drugs and societal costs pushed by none other than “Big Pharma” in the
January 2011

Safe prescribing can lessen overdose risk

Often, patients think that overdoses only happen to people who are deliberately misusing the medications or who have a substance use disorder. ... Take a history, including a history of mental illness and substance abuse (including tobacco and alcohol use
October 2016

TB and drugs: A double whammy

But the substance abuse also makes it harder to treat the TB, according to a release from a new study in Archives of Internal Medicine. ... Why is this? Substance abusers may not get routine medical treatment, so they are less likely to be detected early.
November 2021

QD: News Every Day--Prescription opiates causing more treatment admissions

Five substance groups accounted for 96% of admissions: alcohol (42%), opiates (21%), marijuana (18%), cocaine (9%), and methamphetamine/amphetamines (6%), reported the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. ... Marijuana was either
November 2021

‘Gold standard’ underused for substance misuse

In general, substance use disorder isn't a robust part of medical education, experts said. ... Samet's group published a study in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment in June 2015 describing a Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse Services
November 2020


Her: “Do you think we should do any more testing?” Me: “I think we should check another round of cardiac enzymes, don't you?” Her: “I don't ...
November 2021

Great idea

Occasionally, I come across something that is so profound that it illuminates how I think about a whole host of other things. The emerging s...
November 2021

Searching for signs of eating disorders

Studies indicate that 12% to 18% of patients with anorexia battle substance abuse, as do 9% to 55% of patients with bulimia. ... A literature review published online in Substance Abuse in March 2012 by researchers at the University of Florida noted that
February 2013

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