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Lifetime risks of hypertension quantified by large U.K. database

Blood pressure affects cardiovascular risk differently across different diseases and age ranges, according to a large, new study.
10 Jun 2014

An easy screen for an overlooked disease

Despite poor awareness and a lack of training on handling peripheral artery disease, internists can and should be able to recognize the symptoms and manage 95% of cases. Experts advise how to diagnose and treat the condition.
1 Apr 2011

Updated guidelines issued for fall prevention in the elderly

Behavioral therapy reduces incontinence after radical prostatectomy
25 Jan 2011

Gender gap increases women's heart risks

Nearly half the time, the first clue a physician gets that a woman has heart disease is that she drops dead. Updated guidelines now dictate physicians should first screen for a woman's risk factors for heart disease by age 20.
1 Nov 2008

Rethinking the value of the annual exam

Patients expect it and internists won't let it go. But does the evidence support the need for the periodic health exam? Experts weigh in on the value of regularly seeing a patient on a preventive basis.
1 Jan 2010

Herpes zoster may be an independent risk factor for vascular disease

Herpes zoster was an independent risk factor for vascular disease, particularly in subjects affected before age 40, a study found.
14 Jan 2014

Baby boomers' health isn't what they expect

The normal aspects of aging will place extraordinary demands on the health care system as the baby boomers enter their retirement years. Sheer numbers, coupled with high expectations of this population, pose a problem for primary care.
1 Jul 2012

Guidelines updated for patient selection for cardiac computed tomography

MKSAP Quiz: confusion, fever, and flank pain
26 Oct 2010

Internists becoming the ‘gatekeepers' for genetic testing

Genetic tests have made tremendous advances, and primary care physicians are going to be the ones who determine whether they're used, and how frequently. Here are a few pointers from Internal Medicine 2012 on what criteria to use.
1 Jun 2012

Score may determine when patients should seek treatment for strep throat

A score to diagnose group A streptococcal (GAS) pharyngitis that can be calculated by patients at home could save hundreds of thousands of visits annually by identifying the need for testing or treatment, a study found.
5 Nov 2013

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