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DynaMed Plus Quiz: Shortness of breath

A 40-year-old trophy-winning professional knitter reports increasing shortness of breath and dry cough for the past week, as well as hoarseness and throat pain for the past three days. Upon questioning, she reports feeling “feverish” and being unusually tired of late. Following a review of systems, physical exam, and lab tests, what is the most likely diagnosis?
1 Nov 2017

Rituximab may not benefit patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome

Rituximab offered some short-term benefits to patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome, but none by 24 weeks, a study found.
25 Feb 2014

MKSAP Quiz: 2-year history of knee osteoarthritis

A 64-year-old man is evaluated for a 2-year history of knee osteoarthritis. He has bilateral knee pain that worsens with walking. He has tried topical therapies, physical therapy, and acetaminophen, none of which has provided relief. The patient also has peripheral vascular disease, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension. Medications are hydrochlorothiazide, pravastatin, and a daily aspirin. Following a physical exam, lab results, and radiographs of the knees, what is the most appropriate treatment for this patient?
17 Jun 2014

Increased suicide risk, but not overall mortality, with fibromyalgia

Plasma renin activity helps predict response to antihypertensive medications
24 Aug 2010

New RA criteria focus on early indicators to prevent later damage

MKSAP Quiz: kidney stone prevention
17 Aug 2010

Internationally developed gout guidelines seek to improve clinical practice

Ten recommendations for the diagnosis and management of patients with gout have been developed by a multinational group with the aim of improving daily clinical practice.
14 Jan 2014

MKSAP Quiz: progressive right knee pain

Increased suicide risk, but not overall mortality, with fibromyalgiaTai chi helps with fibromyalgia
24 Aug 2010

No associated increase in short-term malignancy risk with biologic therapy for rheumatoid arthritis

Biologic therapy does not appear to increase risk for malignancy in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, according to a new study.
11 Sep 2012

MKSAP Quiz: 4-day history of swelling and severe pain

Imaging groups issue recommendations on screening for breast cancer
12 Jan 2010

MKSAP Quiz: severe head and neck pain

Psychiatric tool adds disorders, guidance to primary care screening
16 Mar 2010

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