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Setting goals to improve quality under MIPS

For example, many measures that are most relevant for improving quality are also likely to require certain degrees of challenge and commitment. ... In the spirit of ultimately achieving quality improvement and high performance, and not just reporting,
March 2017


The use of recommended care in the control practices was similar to that seen in other studies, while the intervention brought practices up to quality levels usually seen for nongeriatric medical ... others. The results prove that such an intervention
November 2010


Researchers analyzed data from 31,554 Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries who were discharged after an ischemic stroke and were randomly chosen for the Medicare Health Quality Improvement Program's National ... The study was published online Nov. 23
December 2010

White House expert advises docs on meaningful use of EHRs

There is going to be a variety of approaches. Some of them are quality improvement organizations. ... About a third of those 60 are already quality improvement organizations who applied for and got funding.
November 2010


Because a major influence of aspirin dosing seems to be hospital-level variation, an important target for rapid quality improvement will be redesigning hospital-based treatment pathways,” the authors wrote. ... Adding aspirin dosing to hospital-based
August 2014


These and other activities associated with implementation of the standards for adult immunization practice can be used to develop quality improvement projects that readily meet maintenance of certification requirements.”.
February 2019

Primary care works in cooperative, close-knit North Dakota

The facilities share resources from quality improvement staff to health information technology and use their collective size to negotiate reduced rates from varying consultants. ... We heard examples of directors of nursing or quality improvement
November 2008

How many are too many for CT scans?

Smith-Bindman. Patient desire for imaging often results from a misunderstanding of the quantity/quality equation, according to Dr. ... But they do [have standards] for mammography, so there is a precedent of their getting involved in quality improvement
February 2011

Building the medical home starts in school

All of the residents are required to complete a quality improvement project, and this year one group is focusing their project on the conversion of Temple's residency clinic into a ... Ward. (Information on what's required for National Committee on
November 2011

Benefits of clearly defining value in patient care

Others have approached it indirectly by concentrating on improving the quality of care. ... Noting the limitations of isolated cost reduction or quality improvement efforts, still others have codified value in terms of outcomes and quality relative to
November 2015

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