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Post-war, vets face new battle with PTSD

Experiencing a concussion during combat increases the risk of PTSD or depression, too. ... Drug combinations. The alpha-blocker prazosin may help stem nightmares in PTSD sufferers, Dr.
September 2008

Mental health

Researchers conducted a pragmatic trial among 1,004 adults with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or bipolar disorder who were randomized to receive either telepsychiatry collaborative care (TCC) or ... Engagement in TCC psychotherapy visits was
February 2022

Screening for PTSD after life-threatening medical events

There is an association between implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) and PTSD, as well. ... Bhatt. “The distinction between PTSD and the usual kinds of reactions can be subtle.
November 2015

The challenge of 'evidence based' sore throat guidelines

The ICU stay can cause PTSD and generalized anxiety. Could we potentially prevent this disease?
April 2022

Letters to the Editor

men, also has a risk of being raped, a significant cause of PTSD. ... Jean E. Howard, FACP. Address withheld by request. I read your article entitled “Post-war, vets face new battle with PTSD.” This is certainly an extremely important problem, and I
November 2008

Mandate puts e-prescribing on front burner

You can read the comments and post your own. Also, Jessica Berthold reports on the challenges of diagnosing and treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in returning war veterans. ... The story offers tips on how to screen for PTSD, as well as
September 2008

Cholesterol management becomes more complicated

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) typically develops after a stressful, life-threatening event—and that can include a medical event, like a heart attack or an ED visit. ... Internists, who often manage follow-up of such conditions, can look for
November 2015

Don't be anxious about psychiatric diagnoses

identify panic problems or “Have you ever had anything happen that still haunts you?” for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). ... The patients can't get toxic on this,” Dr. Combs said. She also offered a drug treatment pearl for PTSD.
June 2013

Caring for veterans outside the VA system

Some veterans might suffer a cluster of clinical issues, said Karen Seal, MD, MPH: pain, PTSD, and traumatic brain injury. ... A doctor who wonders if a veteran has PTSD can start asking about potential signs, such as nightmares or intrusive thoughts or
July 2017

Breaking the cycle of patient trauma

traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Dr. ... Rittenberg said. For example, if people feel like their PTSD is triggered by being in a small enclosed room for a long time, then let them sit with the door open,
February 2019

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