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CONFERENCE COVERAGE Information plus documentation a must for informed ...

In 1990, Dr. Gottesman was sued forlate diagnosis of a patient’s prostate cancer.He won the case, and one of the jurors toldhim that the deciding factor had beeninformed consent ... documentation showingthat the patient had been warned that abiopsy
December 2011

Prostate cancer

To evaluate comparative effectiveness of alternative PSA screening strategies, researchers created a model of prostate cancer incidence and mortality, quantifying harms and lives saved for 35 PSA screening strategies. ... Without screening, the risk for
February 2013

When and how to use new phone and Internet E/M coding

Q: Can I charge a Medicare patient for a prostate cancer screening digital rectal exam on the same date as an E/M visit? ... A: No. Although Medicare has created an HCPCS code for a prostate cancer screening digital rectal exam (G0102), it does not allow
April 2008

Prostate cancer

Active surveillance was associated with the greatest quality-adjusted life expectancy (QALE) in men over the age of 65, a simulation model comparing treatments for prostate cancer predicted. ... prostate cancer, defined as prostate-specific antigen level
December 2010

Look for reasons if patients refuse advice

There's a whole list of options for low-grade prostate cancer, including prostatectomy, hormonal treatments, radiation and watchful waiting.
February 2014

Prostate cancer

deaths from prostate cancer over approximately 13 years per 1,000 men screened. ... Screening programs may also prevent up to three cases of metastatic prostate cancer per 1,000 men screened over 13 years.
April 2017


and 11-year follow-up results for the European Randomized Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer. ... It is well established that a patient's age and level of comorbidity need to be considered when deciding whether to screen for prostate cancer.”.
July 2012

Internist searches for answers when test results go missing

A high-power microscopic view of the glandular portion of the prostate gland. ... cancer. The time between the first abnormal PSA result and a documented clinician response ranged from 0 to 1,342 days.
April 2009

For the record

Medicare reimbursement cuts were associated with reduced use of androgen-deprivation therapy for prostate cancer, particularly among men for whom the benefits of such therapy were unclear.” The item has been ... androgen-deprivation therapy for
November 2010

‘Smart’ drugs could be bad idea This issue covers performance-enhancing drugs, prostate cancer options, and transgender health. ... Decisions about prostate cancer treatment can be notoriously complex, with
November 2017

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