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Calmer talk needed about mammography

However, about 62% of primary care physicians perceive multiple, rather than single, guidelines as influential. ... Fletcher said. Nekhlyudov L, Braddock 3rd CH. An approach to enhance communication about screening mammography in primary care.
February 2010

Healing the homeless during COVID-19

a primary care physician at the Valley Homeless Healthcare Program in San Jose. ... health director of the Primary Care Center at Grady Memorial Hospital, a safety-net hospital in Atlanta.
September 2020

Changing thinking on chronic fatigue

While Dr. Pocinki said the list is terrific, he questions whether its length might prove daunting to a time-pressed primary care doctor. ... Primary care doctors can make a difference in these patients' lives, given that they are used to treating the
June 2015

Seeking clarity for opioid prescribing

To help with the educational and monitoring components of these high-stakes drugs, primary care doctors might need to incorporate nurses and other physician extenders, similar to the team efforts involved ... It's too much work,’” he said. Dr.
April 2015

Telemedicine connects remote areas with care

Kurywchak, who has set up telemedicine units in small-town primary care clinics that allow patients to receive therapy remotely. ... A large part of her work is follow-up for chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension, but she also does general
April 2008

Taking a drink: what patients should know

that a primary care physician's alcohol screening program can be as simple as posing two questions: “Do you sometimes drink beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages?”. ... Behavioral counseling after screening for alcohol misuse in primary care: A
January 2013

Managing medications in patients with heart failure

The primary care doctor needs to consult with the oncologist and cardiologist about managing these drugs in a patient with heart failure,” he said. ... Dr. Piña also advises primary care physicians to consult with the patient's heart failure specialist
February 2017

Giant-cell arteritis needs prompt action for good outcomes

If primary care physicians are in doubt, they should refer the patient or contact a specialist given the risk of acute blindness in GCA,” Dr. ... This requires close comanagement between primary care and a rheumatologist.”. Leah Lawrence is a
May 2021

Internists likely to see unprovoked first seizure

Patients living in major metropolitan areas may be referred directly to a neurologist, whereas patients living in more rural areas may see a primary care physician for treatment. ... In these cases, many patients will present first to an emergency
September 2015

Portable ultrasound scopes out a new role

As ultrasound devices become increasingly portable and affordable, they open up the opportunity for expanded use by primary care doctors, although some question whether such a move would be cost-effective. ... Drs. Cutler and Welch would prefer to see
May 2014

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