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Concierge medicine keeps traditional practices afloat

The practice hasn't always earned the respect of internists, though, who say the model drives the burden of community care to doctors in the traditional model. ... In this twist, however, revenue from concierge arm of the practice keeps the rest of the
September 2020

The future of medical practice

The future of medical practice. I had the opportunity to talk and learn about the future of office-based medical practice. ... He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases and was in the private practice of cardiology before
September 2020

QD: News Every Day--Physicians who sue patients don't get what they want

A physician claiming he was defamed online by a former patient's son lost his court case after the judge dismissed the suit. The case illust...
September 2020

Patient-centered care, part 1

Patient-centered care, part 1. Three (and a half) years ago, when I left my old practice, I was near burnout. ... To catch those up who don't know, my current practice is entirely different than my old one.
September 2020

QD: News Every Day--New technology takes the blame, yet gets the credit

New technology is offering doctors in small and medium practice an easier time with practice management, according to survey results of the users of a free electronic medical record product. ... and said in a press release technology has made things
September 2020

Accountable care organizations and physicians: Are we partners or prey?

Dr. Kirsch is a full time practicing physician and writer who addresses the joys and challenges of medical practice, including controversies in the doctor-patient relationship, medical ethics and measuring medical
September 2020

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT As always, the Medicare program hassome changes ...

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT. As always, the Medicare program hassome changes for the new year. ... General practice 2%. Hematology/ 2%oncologyInfectious diseases 1%. Nephrology 0%. Pulmonary disease 1%.
December 2011

Expert hints at how GI practices can keep coding current

Katzoff, vice president for practice management and consulting services for the American Gastroenterological Association. ... to-face service by anyone in the practice for at least three years.
September 2009

Electronic medical records have yet to fulfill their potential

The College has information about EHRs and practice improvement, and on related advocacy efforts. ... Eleven medical societies and two more practice management societies provide content.
October 2011

ICD-10 and inflation of codes

While this may be a boon to the growth of alternative practice models like DPC, gloating over it seems cruel.
September 2020

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