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‘Digitally native’ learners will change medical education

How much a resident knows is no longer the most accurate way to assess the person in an era of students who grew up getting their information in a digital world.
1 Mar 2015

Practice Tips: Administrators are key to running a private practice

Bring in an expert to manage shrinking reimbursement, changing regulations, and rising business costs.
1 Sep 2014

Internal Medicine mixes new offerings with old favorites

Clinical news inspired new offerings at this year's annual meeting, but so did current event, with sessions planned on President Barack Obama's first 100 days and the influence of Islam on modern medicine.
1 Mar 2009

Another security risk: The copy machine

Your office photocopier stores permanently every image it's ever scanned, copied or faxed. Those images stay with the machine after it's re-sold, and the images can be easily hacked. Learn how to maintain security over medical records, taxes, bank statements##mdash;or any other document that's ever been copied.
1 Oct 2010

E-prescribing order hits unprepared internists

Congressional mandates to tip internists to use e-prescribing could backfire, say experts who have tried—and sometimes failed—to incorporate the technology into their offices.
1 Sep 2008

Success in ACOs depends on collaboration

Physicians should consider culture, autonomy and resources before jumping in.
1 Jul 2013

Dismissing patients always a last resort

Stopping the physician-patient relationship can be seen as abandonment if not done properly.
1 Sep 2013

In-office lab tests augment patient self-education efforts

Fifth in a six-part series on small practice issues.
1 May 2008

When negotiating contracts with ACOs, cover all the bases

Get specifics on access to data, and remember to plan for a possible exit strategy.
1 Jul 2013

After watching others, doctor pitches himself to local news

Inspired by some famous names, an internist pitches his expertise to local TV news stations.
1 Jan 2009

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