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Expectations exceed understanding in unraveling the genome

Recent high-profile articles in the lay press have criticized the lack of immediately tangible health benefits from genomics research investment. ... Recently the National Human Genome Research Institute hosted a planning conference to mull over future
September 2010

Predicting heart disease with markers is risky undertaking Genome-wide association studies have identified at least 22 new genetic markers for CHD risk.
February 2009

Genomics victory marks end of government service for its main proponent The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Actâ”the first civil rights bill of the new century of the life sciencesâ”affords nationwide protection from discrimination ... As an observer might
July 2008

Genetic tests are being used more, and they're worth it Molecular diagnostics tests could cost Americans $15 billion to $25 billion by the end of the next decade.
May 2012

Creating a blueprint for genomic medical training

Perhaps the most remarkable discussions involved the intersection of the patient-centered medical home and genomics. ... The group came to consensus that a successful medical home incorporating genomics requires a team-based approach.
September 2009

Don't look now, but you are surrounded Skin, teeth and guts. Microbes live on or in each, and a new interest exists in how to manipulate the human microbiome to
June 2011

Cancer's cure may be found by using the right diagnostic tree Advances in the understanding of the molecular pathogenesis of cancer, rooted in knowledge of the genetic derangements underpinning each tumor type, leads to
September 2011

New tool makes it easy to add crucial family history to EHRs Electronic medical records are slowly pushing out the family history, eliminating valuable diagnostic information.
May 2009

Filling in the GAPPs will strengthen evidence-based medicine Little data supports the use of genomic testing for subjects such as warfarin dosing. ... An attempt to develop a more coordinated national approach to translational research for genomics was
February 2010

Genomics will aid primary care, with primary care's help

Q: What are some areas of genomics that practicing physicians should watch over the next few years? ... More effective genetics and genomics education of health care providers will be an extremely important component.
April 2010

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