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8 ways that members can guide College activities

4. Achieve results that reduce physician burnout, help restore the joy of practice, and reinvigorate the patient-physician relationship. ... Please contact me or the College for resources. The College's efforts on medical liability reform continue to
March 2017

Time to curb the rising costs of prescription drugs

Rules and regulations are important and are needed to protect patient safety. ... The effort needs to focus on transparency, value, patient affordability, and a reasonable return on investment to promote innovation.
October 2016

Putting patients before paperwork, and playing Whack-a-Mole

EHRs are intended to make sure that the systems help improve patient safety. ... Can it be streamlined and harmonized? Can technology help? We need to partner with others to bring about change, especially with patient advocacy groups.
November 2014

Managing money for medical school

miss out on classes like medical ethics and patient safety that tend to fall in the fourth year.
February 2019

12 tips for new academic hospitalists

Sharpe. “There are a couple of those in the country.” The final option is to get paid to be in charge of something, whether it's a clerkship, QI, or patient ... safety. “As you think about your career advancement … look around your organization
July 2021

Going beyond ‘less is more’ to improve diagnosis

Dr. Schiff, who is also associate director at the Brigham and Women's Center for Patient Safety Research and Practice and quality safety director for the Harvard Medical School Center for ... Dr. Agarwal. One example of a diagnostic safety net is red
January 2019

ACP's ‘Mission: Not Impossible’

years. Richard J. Baron, MD, MACP, president and CEO of ABIM, announced that the Practice Assessment, Patient Voice, and Patient Safety requirements would be suspended for 2 years; that the ABIM ... Other issues include the future of graduate medical
April 2015

Letters to the Editor

Patient safety, you might ask? In 22 years of practice, I have had one or two calls from pharmacies unclear about what was written. ... Now, hours seem to be the focus, not patient care. I also found Ms.
June 2008

Protective equipment for physicians' mental health

When asking these questions and penalizing physicians for seeking treatment, we are not doing the difficult and the deep work that needs to be done to ensure patient safety. ... Does it actually result in better patient safety? Or does it actually result
September 2021

Balancing ethics, risks of ‘right to try’

Drug manufacturers can still refuse to provide the medication that a patient requests, said Richard L. ... patient safety, such as changes in dosing or additional monitoring, Dr.
January 2018

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