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Research reveals reasons underlying patient no-shows

It's the $19 million-dollar question: How do you get your patients to show up for their appointments? Easy-to-follow tips can increase practice revenue.
1 Feb 2009

Sharing knowledge is part of a modern Hippocratic Oath

Recent scandals challenge physicians' abilities to embrace the incredible volume of information information and translate new research into bedside practice.
1 Jun 2009

Guidelines call for depression screening

Guidelines call for internists to screen for depression, but only if they can offer support once they make a diagnosis. Internists who've already achieved this describe how they did so, and how it's benefited their patients.
1 Mar 2010

Simple tools, teamwork manage depression in primary care

Embedding mental health professionals directly into a primary care setting threatens to add complexity to primary care's already hefty ‘to do” list. Clinics that have accomplished that task explain how not only was it easier than expected, but it adds tremendous benefits to the practice.
1 Mar 2011

Manage diagnosis, follow-up of depression systematically

Improvements to treating depressive symptoms led to improvements in A1c levels and blood pressure in one internist's practice. A systematic, manageable approach exists to diagnosis and treatment.
1 Jun 2011

Promoting literacy to increase adherence

Roughly 80 million Americans navigate health care's complexities with limited health literacy skills. Learn easy steps that help patients understand what they need to do, without the need for formal literacy screening or for questions that might embarrass a patient.
1 Jul 2011

Medicare pays for annual depression screening

One in six seniors suffers from depression. That rises to one in four with comorbidities. Tools and screens are available to help internists integrate this new focus of care into a practice routine.
1 Mar 2012

Upper endoscopy may be overused in patients with reflux, guidelines committee says

Routine use of upper endoscopy for most patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) does not improve patient health, is associated with preventable harms, and may lead to unnecessary interventions and costs, according to an ACP clinical policy paper.
4 Dec 2012

Don't be anxious about psychiatric diagnoses

Tips can help physicians with the screening and treatment of mental disorders seen in primary care, including somatoform, bipolar and anxiety disorders.
1 Jun 2013

Two-step screening appears effective for anxiety, depression in hospitalized cardiac patients

A two-step screening process appears to be effective for detecting generalized anxiety disorder and depression in hospitalized patients with cardiac disease, according to a new study.
18 Jun 2013

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