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Going against medicine: courageous or foolish?

But, in the U.S. healthcare system, there is still not enough patient responsibility that has occurred among all patients. ... Good outcomes are usually attributed to patient's taking initiative and bad outcomes are usually attributed to bad doctors.
November 2021

Would you make Internet house calls?

Or it’s another insult to the primacy of the doctor (aka “provider”)-patient relationship and the “Medical Home“ model. ... Dr. Schumann is a general internist. His blog, GlassHospital, seeks to bring transparency to medical practice and to
November 2021

Med students unfamiliar with electronic health records

encounter simulating a cancer patient hospitalized with complications from chemotherapy. ... Students were scored on their ability to find information crucial to the patient's case within the EHR and their ability to analyze the EHR without alienating
November 2021

QD: News Every Day--Federal government debuts its preventive health plan

empowering individuals to make healthy choices, for example, by applying mobile phones apps and culturally appropriate communication methods, and.
November 2021

An organization for improving health care IT

Physicians (and nurses) should spend as much time as possible in direct patient care. ... Are you a doctor, nurse or even a patient who agrees with our values and mission?
November 2021

Why can't we be friends ... on Facebook?

Plenty of doctors have avoided patient contact even over e-mail, thinking it to be just one more unreimbursed time-drain.
November 2021

QD: News Every Day--Colorectal cancer screening improving, yet short of goals

Increased colorectal cancer screening rates lowered incidence and mortality from 1% to 6% by state, but could go even further by reaching th...
November 2021

Survey shows clinical use for social media

Respondents use social media to communicate lab results, or measure patient improvement or clinical response. ... People may get too comfortable with using the Internet and neglect normal means of communication," one person said.
November 2021

Overcoming colonoscopy's image problem

Bowel prep can be even harder on women. For advice on this patient group, visit ACP Internist's blog. ... The Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research offers colon screening materials meant to simplify physician decision-making and ease patient
January 2009

Mobile apps no ‘magic pill’ for maintaining health

But experts often note that the biggest potential for the mobile medical app may be for improving physician-patient communication and, in turn, patient adherence. ... What many [providers] are moving toward are curating apps that are both
October 2015

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