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ACP has developed online training modules, with Pri-Med, to educate clinicians about best practices when prescribing opioids to patients and to help prescribers manage risk for abuse and inappropriate use. ... With approximately 100 million adults in the
August 2015

Treating opioid addiction in primary care

We've covered the opioid epidemic quite a bit over the past few years, discussing such angles as medical education, legislation, and safe prescribing. ... Read our story to learn more. Do you treat opioid addiction in your practice?
October 2017

Opioid dependence

The secondary end points included cumulative percentage of negative opioid urine results, abstinence, and time to first illicit opioid use. ... Over 6 months, 72 of 84 (86%) receiving buprenorphine implants and 64 of 89 (72%) receiving sublingual
July 2016


of prescription opioids with the need to ensure access to appropriate pain management for cancer patients and survivors. ... Patient education on the medical use of opioids is best provided by a health professional.
June 2016

Safe prescribing can lessen overdose risk

It is time to focus on other therapies rather than increasing the opioid dose.” Dr. ... All drugs have risks, and nowhere is this more the case than with opioids.
October 2016

Hepatitis C

opioid-agonist therapy with methadone, buprenorphine, or buprenorphine-naloxone for at least 3 months before enrollment; and were at least 80% adherent to appointments for opioid-agonist therapy. ... These results support the removal of drug use as a
August 2016


Treatment rates remained low for individuals with opioid use disorders from 2004 to 2013, even as nonmedical use of opioid analgesics and heroin increased substantially during the same span, according to ... with opioid abuse or dependence symptoms and
October 2015

Making opiates safe, efficient in the office

For more efficient clinic visits with opioid-taking patients, Dr. Gaster recommends that physicians practice the patient encounter and have a prepared sentence in mind for patients who seek more than
June 2012


veterans occurred among current benzodiazepine users concurrently prescribed opioids. Benzodiazepines were associated with a dose-dependent increased risk of death from drug overdose among veterans receiving opioid analgesics, a study found.
June 2015


Many women need to take opioid-containing medications to appropriately manage their health conditions; however, in some instances safer alternative treatments are available and use of opioids is unnecessary,” the authors ... concluded. “Having a
February 2015

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