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ACP: Best practice for diabetes is diet, then metformin, then any second drug

New diabetes guidelines from the American College of Physicians recommend prescribing a drug when lifestyle changes don't lower hyperglycemia. Specifically, start with metformin first and then add any second oral agent.
7 Feb 2012

Be on alert for CRC in younger patients

Medical groups are coming to consensus about expanded screening guidelines for colorectal cancer that lower the age to begin screening.
1 Sep 2021

Dementia care poses ethical quagmires

Dementia presents unique ethical challenges for physicians because it is a “disease of autonomy.”
1 May 2020

Study finds frequent use of medications for which depression is an adverse effect

Overall estimated prevalence of use of medications with depression as a potential adverse effect was 37.2%, increasing from 35.0% in 2005 and 2006 to 38.4% in 2013 and 2014.
19 Jun 2018

New guideline targets preventing obesity in midlife women

A guideline from the Women's Preventive Services Initiative recommends physicians counsel women ages 40 to 60 years about healthy eating and physical activity to maintain weight or prevent weight gain.
2 Aug 2022

Targeting social needs may help improve type 2 diabetes outcomes, review finds

A systematic review found that HbA1c levels were improved significantly by food supplementation with referral and diabetes support, financial incentives with education and skills training, housing relocation with counseling support, and the integration of nonmedical interventions into medical care.
5 Jul 2022

Melatonin use increased among U.S. adults in recent years

Use of more than the recommended daily dose of 5 mg also became more common from 2009-2010 to 2017-2018, potentially raising safety concerns, according to authors of an analysis of National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data.
8 Feb 2022

Relationships and return on investment

ACP membership offers medical education, advocacy and evidence-based policy, and a community of colleagues.
1 Feb 2023

MKSAP Quiz: Transfer prevented by low food intake, new bruising, gross hematuria

A 70-year-old malnourished man with a 4-year history of Alzheimer dementia is admitted to the intensive care unit from the emergency department for treatment of community-acquired pneumonia and impending respiratory failure. He is inattentive and confused and has a weak productive cough. What is the most likely diagnosis?
2 Oct 2012

Is mastering coding worth the time?

While Medicare has added new codes to increase the reimbursement available to primary care practices, they can be difficult to implement and may not align with the integrated flow of a visit.
1 Oct 2022

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