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Could drone deliveries help reverse opioid overdoses?

We were able to build out this whole project for under $3,000, which is pretty lean for the kind of technology we were using. ... A: No. 1 is what I call a disruptive barrier. It's a radical new technology, kind of sounds crazy, and we really needed to
September 2020

The doctor-patient relationship: Is there an app for that?

It's the same amazement I experience when I first read about a new piece of technology called a fax machine. ... There will be huge advances, but as with all technology, there will be a cost.
May 2022

Continuous glucose monitoring—a good fit for primary care?

But insurers can be reluctant to reimburse for this relatively new technology, and its use can claim a good deal of primary care physicians' already limited time. ... information. We're also launching a new column this issue on medical education,
October 2010

QD: News Every Day--Internists losing 48 minutes a day to EMR use

Internists lose an average of 48 minutes a day to electronic medical record (EMR) use, including data entry and note writing, a survey found...
May 2022

Twitter: a medical help, hindrance or hype?

A screenshot of the Twitter feed from Ted Eytan, MD, who said, “It's better for physicians to get comfortable with this technology. ... What's the effect of making this OR chat public? Although he was involved in one of the twittered procedures,
April 2009

Unvaccinated boy in Spain dies of diphtheria

Every day we make use of technology that would have been miraculous just a generation ago.
May 2022

What's great about U.S. health care?

But when it leads to innovation and cutting edge new technologies and treatments, what’s wrong with physician entrepreneurs? ... His other clinical interests include quality improvement, hospital safety, hospital utilization, and the use of technology
May 2022

ACP issues telemedicine recommendations

A telemedicine encounter can establish a patient-physician relationship through real-time audio/visual technology. ... Physicians should not compromise their ethical obligation to deliver clinically appropriate care for the sake of new technology adoption
October 2015

Using technology for lifelong learning in medicine

Using technology for lifelong learning in medicine. Physicians and other health care providers are incredibly busy. ... I am curious what other online resources and technology that others are using for their own lifelong learning. .
May 2022

QD: News Every Day--Is Wikipedia accurate enough for health care professionals to use it?

The report, from the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, an information and technology services company, can be accessed after a free registration.
May 2022

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