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Results were published Oct. 28 by the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry.
November 2019

Set expectations for new migraine treatments

The third study of 667 patients with chronic migraine published in 2017 in Lancet Neurology showed an average reduction of 2.5 monthly migraine days compared with placebo. ... For eptinezumab, results presented at the American Academy of Neurology's
October 2018

Test Yourself

The correct answer is A. Citalopram. This content is available to MKSAP 18 subscribers as Question 8 in the Neurology section.
June 2021

An internist with many interests

Murray. Early in his career, at a time when others might have thought practicing neurology, teaching, and raising 4 children was enough, Dr.
January 2015


and the Safe and Competent Opioid Prescribing Education (SCOPE of Pain) Program, and Robert Kerns, PhD, professor of psychiatry, neurology, and psychology at Yale University and founding director of the Pain
August 2018

MS confounds, calls for better coordination

Internists are closely involved in care for multiple sclerosis, from recognizing symptoms to preventing complications. As the first line of defense, primary care physicians can find reassurance in guidance from a recent consensus paper on
September 2009

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The correct answer is B. Pull test. This content is available to MKSAP 18 subscribers as Question 63 in the Neurology section.
November 2020

Safe prescribing can lessen overdose risk

Most people who wrote the recommendations don't take care of patients, so they don't know the [payment issues],” said Charles Argoff, MD, a professor of neurology at Albany Medical ... And when things aren't working out, find other options, said
October 2016

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The correct answer is B. Migraine. This content is available to MKSAP 18 subscribers as Question 71 in the Neurology section.
August 2020

New thinking about Alzheimer's diagnosis

By age 85 years, biologically defined Alzheimer's is three times more prevalent than clinically diagnosed disease, according to results published July 15 by JAMA Neurology. ... Internists should also look for other causes, such as effects of medications,
November 2019

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