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New herpes zoster vaccine brings familiar challenges

A new vaccine should be considered the preferred option for prevention of shingles in adults and should be given in place of the existing one, but it brings with it familiar considerations: efficacy, insurance, and patient communication.
1 Feb 2018

Clearing up confusion over Medicare coverage for vaccines

Medicare's vaccination payments covered in a variety of ways.
1 Mar 2008

ABIM study finds MOC status associated with higher HEDIS process measures

Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) process measures were slightly higher among physicians pursuing Maintenance of Certification in five categories, but were still low overall in some of the areas.
12 Jun 2018

Is this the end of Medicare and Medicaid as we know them?

President Obama and House Republicans have issued starkly different proposals on the future of Medicare and Medicaid.
1 Jun 2011

Democrats must reconcile to pass reconciliation

As the Democratic leadership moves forward with their slim majorities in Congress, they must agree among themselves on trillions of dollars of health care programs, including universal health care, Medicare expansion, and more tax subsidies for the Affordable Care Act.
1 Oct 2021

Drug interaction risks appear common among older patients being treated for epilepsy

Factors predicting higher drug interaction risk included having one or more comorbid condition versus zero comorbidities, having four or more comorbid conditions versus zero comorbidities, being eligible for the Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy, and not living in the northeastern U.S.
13 Feb 2018

Lower SBP linked to worse outcomes in older HF patients with reduced ejection fraction and hypertension

Clinicians should focus on preventing heart failure (HF) in patients with hypertension and providing optimal therapy in those with symptomatic disease, rather than on a specific blood pressure target, an editorial said.
25 Jun 2019

Transitional care management yields benefit but is used rarely, study finds

A study described transitional care management as a promising delivery model innovation, but an editorial cautioned that payments may not be high enough to justify the extra work involved or may be targeted to the wrong place in the health care system.
7 Aug 2018

Hospital at home plus transition care reduced readmissions, improved patient satisfaction in a case-control study

The study included 295 patients treated under this hospital-at-home (HaH) model and a control group of 212 patients who met HaH eligibility but declined participation or were seen in the ED when an HaH admission could not be initiated.
26 Jun 2018

Anticoagulants compared for associated risk of hospitalization due to upper GI bleeding

Proton-pump inhibitor cotherapy significantly reduced risk among patients on anticoagulation, a cohort study found.
11 Dec 2018

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