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Specialization in medical education A letter to the editor addresses the primary care shortage in medical education. ... One of the most challenging things about my current job is finding general internists to teach and proctor the 130
July 2017

Old school medical education

Old school medical education. As I have the opportunity to give my talk titled, ”Learning How to Think like a Clinician,” many older physicians want to talk afterwards. ... Am I right? If old school medical education has importance, then how do we
April 2022

The role of podcasts in medical education

The role of podcasts in medical education. Obviously I am very biased, hosting a podcast now for eight months, and being a guest on two other popular podcasts – The Curbsiders and ... We learn best from stories. This concept holds particular in medical
April 2022

ACP releases survey results about telehealth technology availability, use among internists | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

They also expressed concerns about patients having access to the needed technology, and the potential for medical errors. ... Vice President for Medical Education.
April 2019

The role of a lifetime in medical education Standardized patients are used during medical school to ensure physicians develop competencies in communication and physical ... According to Dr. Hoellein, the
April 2018

Internship reflects how patient care guides medical education

Perhaps equally important, however, our close patient interactions frequently produce perspectives and relationships that, for all the suffering and death, and the challenging medical and social situations, allow us to participate ... But before pushing
July 2013

Graduate medical education and the new accreditation system

Internal medicine residency programs will face a big transition in July when the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) implements its “new accreditation system,” or NAS. ... locked into place when Medicare was enacted in 1965,
June 2013

What peers are made of and why it matters to medical education

Amid the busyness of residency training, one thing quickly becomes clear: A majority of our education comes from our peers. ... Conferences, didactics, individual reading and simulations all have discrete places within graduate medical education.
January 2013

ACPNET brings continuing medical education into the clinic

One of the important goals of ACPNet is to bring continuing medical education into the clinic and support the learning process in the patient-centered medical home (PCMH).
March 2008

‘Digitally native’ learners will change medical education

the very spirit of continuing medical education. ... Students and residents are often far more adept at navigating electronic medical records than full-time practitioners.
March 2015

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