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Getting to the new normal

A good economy made us complacent. The infectious pandemic and the economic catastrophe it wrought underscore our broken U.S. ... We were not prepared for the pandemic the infectious disease and public health professionals knew would come someday.
June 2020

MERS: a primer

The CDC reported the first case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in the United States. The patient is a health care worker who fl...
May 2022

MKSAP Quiz: 5-day history of a lesion

The correct answer is B. Begin ciprofloxacin. This question can be found in MKSAP 17 in the Infectious Disease section, item 20. ... Because this patient does not have systemic disease, doxycycline, imipenem, and rifampin are not necessary.
February 2018

Many med students unprepared as PrEP prescribing increases

Imp. He said opportunities to provide that understanding in medical school exist during the preclinical curriculum (e.g., the infectious disease block, required courses in internal medicine) and the clinical curriculum ... practices), and the presence of
January 2018

Outcome bias

Daniel J. Diekema, MD, FACP, practices infectious diseases, clinical microbiology, and hospital epidemiology in Iowa City, Iowa, splitting time between seeing patients with infectious diseases, diagnosing infections in the microbiology laboratory,
May 2022

Helping shield clinicians and the community from contagion

Infectious diseases subspecialist Sonali Advani, MBBS, MPH, discovered both benefits and challenges of masking early in the pandemic. ... The authors of that paper will get no argument from Michael Edmond, MD, FACP, a professor of infectious diseases and
July 2020

On beyond Zika

As I write this, the World Health Organization is scrambling to catch up with the global proliferation of this emerging infectious disease, and poised to declare a public health emergency. ... That likely makes it a zoonosis at the start, a disease
May 2022

Causal opacity

Causal opacity. Medicine as a science is predicated on causality. We seek to understand the causes of disease.
May 2022

The Ebola War

The World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, non-governmental groups like MSF, no group has anything close to the logistical capability of the military to quickly deploy ... I realize that the military is not designed
May 2022

The pain of 2020 and the hope for 2021

The virus was getting closer and more personal. Even so, despite our public health officials' and infectious disease specialists' numerous pleas for months to wear masks and socially distance ourselves, people ... We are learning the lessons of the
November 2020

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