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Hepatitis C drugs offer new options

Then, talk to the patient. “Counsel the person about the meaning of their positive test, which includes talking to them about the ways of reducing the risk of passing the virus ... cases. Patients should also be tested for HIV, as well as to find out
January 2015


9. cells/L. The study population was from HIV clinics in Europe and the U.S. ... The authors of an accompanying editorial suggested that expanded use of cART could substantially curtail future HIV infections, as decreasing viral load decreases
April 2011

Board of Governors announces Chair-elect candidates

She is certified as an HIV care specialist by the American Academy of HIV Medicine. ... Her interests are medical professionalism in the digital age; high-value, cost-conscious care; competency-based education; HIV; infectious diseases; medical education;
September 2012

Test Yourself

evaluation. Hepatitis B virus infection and HIV infection have been linked to glomerular diseases, but these are classically associated with the nephrotic syndrome, specifically membranous glomerulopathy with hepatitis B virus infection ... Key Point. An
May 2021

Transitional care management services change in 2013

CMS officials believe that the adopted CPT transitional care management codes are defined broadly enough to incorporate treatment of chronic conditions, such as Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and HIV, and the
January 2013

Test yourself

He otherwise feels well. Medical history is significant for a recent diagnosis of HIV infection. ... This patient has eosinophilic pustular folliculitis, a rash most commonly seen in patients with HIV infection, and usually in those with a CD4 cell count
April 2016

Risks of diclofenac sodium, fosamprenavir calcium detailed

A warning about the potential association between fosamprenavir calcium (Lexiva) and myocardial infarction and dyslipidemia in HIV-infected adults. ... There have been no reports of illness. Agriflu, a new injectable vaccine against influenza virus
February 2010

From ACP Internist

HIV comes of age as disease of mid-to-late life. Protease inhibitors revolutionized management of HIV, morphing it from a death sentence to a chronic, manageable condition. ... Medical issues have since grown more complex as doctors consider how HIV
November 2011

Doripenem not for pneumonia; migraine device approved

The drug is contraindicated in patients with general obesity and is not approved for use in patients with HIV-related lipodystrophy or metabolic disease, including diabetes mellitus and hypertriglyceridemia, without concurrent
May 2014

Test yourself

Idiopathic CD4 lymphopenia is associated with decreased T-cell function, and these patients are at risk for the same opportunistic infections seen in patients with HIV or AIDS, depending on the ... Selective IgA deficiency is the most common cause of
March 2022

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