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When patients don't tell all: The diagnostic challenge

This was also the case with AIDS before the transmission of HIV was understood. ... We encountered this in the past among patients who ultimately were found to have HIV infection and did not disclose risk factors of sexual contact or drug use.
October 2010

MKSAP Quiz: Rash, pain, fever and fatigue

Because patients with hepatitis C virus infection commonly have coinfection with HIV and share the same risk factors for hepatitis B, screening for infection with hepatitis B and C virus as ... Cryoglobulinemic vasculitis secondary to hepatitis C virus
June 2011

Test yourself

Other less common infectious triggers include Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus, Zika virus, and HIV as well as respiratory influenza-like infections. ... Key Point. Campylobacter is the most commonly diagnosed trigger of Guillain-Barré syndrome; less
June 2022

Current challenges in prescribing generics

The AIDS Institute in Florida reviewed the health plans available in the Florida marketplace and found 4 that put all HIV medications in their highest-cost tiers. ... Department of Health and Human Services, and some of the insurers with problematic
March 2015

Immunization Upcoming webinars for National Immunization Awareness Month will cover resident education, immunization in HIV, and development of a vaccination program. ... Routine Immunization of People Living
August 2019

Teaching the patient-centered medical home

With HIV infection becoming more of a chronic disease, patients are living longer. ... Charlotte Huff examines what primary care physicians need to know to provide optimum HIV care.
November 2011


Expanded recommendations include use in children 2 to 11 years old, use in persons co-infected with HIV/AIDS and latent tuberculosis, and by self-administration. ... demonstrate the absence of clinically significant drug interactions between once-weekly
July 2018

Be proactive about managing hepatitis B

McMahon said. And given that the virus is contracted more easily than HIV, anyone who is “very sexually active” should be vaccinated, although he quickly added, “We don't know what ... AASLD, in its 2016 chronic hepatitis B treatment guidelines and
April 2018


A randomized trial of HIV and solid-organ transplant patients, published by Clinical Infectious Diseases on March 2, compared the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines and found that all HIV patients
March 2022

New pneumonia vaccine option for patients over 50

A new indication for raltegravir (Isentress) for use with other antiretroviral drugs to treat HIV-1 infection in children and adolescents ages 2 to 18. ... treatment, 53% had an undetectable amount of HIV in their blood.
March 2012

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