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Infectious disease

PEP). The guidelines also recommend taking a full four-week PEP regimen and undergoing close follow-up HIV testing that includes counseling and monitoring for drug toxicity. ... When a health care worker is exposed to HIV, he or she should seek expert
August 2013


To help clinicians monitor and support adherence to ART in HIV-infected patients, IAPAC convened a panel of experts who conducted a systematic review of 325 randomized, controlled trials and observational ... The panel also called for further
March 2012

MKSAP Quiz: Red, scaly skin lesions

Hepatitis C virus antibody assay. D. HLA-B27 testing. E. Serologic testing for HIV antibodies. ... for example, immunosuppressive therapy would not be indicated in a patient with HIV infection.
March 2011


The study used a simplified model of disease progression and treatment, did not consider variations in race or ethnicity, and excluded acute HIV screening. ... Nevertheless, the authors wrote, their results indicate that a multimodal program could
December 2010

HIV screening

When offering rapid HIV screening to patients in the ED, 1 way of asking seems to produce a higher acceptance rate than others, according to a recent study. ... Between June 18, 2011, and June 30, 2013, nonclinical staff at an ED offered HIV screening to
January 2016

Leflunomide gets boxed warning, ARBs under review

It is also the first assay to aid diagnosis of HIV-1/HIV-2 infection in children as young as two years old. ... The first rapid blood test for antibodies to the hepatitis C virus for individuals 15 years and older.
September 2010

FDA update

The antiviral medications are given together to treat HIV infection, but trial data suggest that the combination may cause prolonged QT or PR intervals.
March 2010

Test yourself

presentation. Membranous nephropathy can cause the nephrotic syndrome in patients with HIV infection. ... Membranous nephropathy is most commonly associated with HIV infection–related complications such as hepatitis B or C virus infection or syphilis
August 2011

It's all about the history in diagnosing fever of unknown origin

There are 4 types of FUO: classical, health-care associated, HIV-related, and immunodeficient. ... Hanrahan said. There are 4 types of FUO, Dr. Hanrahan said: classical, health-care associated, HIV-related, and immunodeficient.
June 2014

Highlights HIV-infected patients who received a quadruple dose of seasonal influenza vaccine had a higher antibody response and greater seroconversion rate ... HIV-infected patients who received a quadruple
January 2013

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