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MKSAP Quiz: Transfer prevented by low food intake, new bruising, gross hematuria

A 70-year-old malnourished man with a 4-year history of Alzheimer dementia is admitted to the intensive care unit from the emergency department for treatment of community-acquired pneumonia and impending respiratory failure. He is inattentive and confused and has a weak productive cough. What is the most likely diagnosis?
2 Oct 2012

Candidates announced for Board of Governors Chair-elect

ACP's Board of Governors will be casting ballots for Chair-elect Designee, and the results will be announced in late October.
1 Sep 2017

Mindful medicine: Perils of diagnosing the physician-patient

A physician diagnoses himself, leaving a colleague to undo some of the mistaken thinking and come up with a simple diagnosis.
1 Jan 2009

Patient's doubts about diagnosis prompt a second opinion

A 61-year-old retired military officer presented to a local hospital in the Midwest with flank pain and E. coli bacteremia.
1 Mar 2008

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT As always, the Medicare program hassome changes ...

General practice 2%. Hematology/ 2%oncologyInfectious diseases 1%. Nephrology 0%. Pulmonary disease 1%.
19 Dec 2011


Edgar Wayburn, FACP; Helen M. Ranney, MACP; and William R. Taylor, FACP.
1 Jun 2010

Undiagnosed diseases program tries to crack the tough cases

When a condition stumps the experts, the experts turn to a center of last resort, the federal Undiagnosed Diseases Program at the National Institutes of Health. Medical teams take a “big picture” view and a fresh eye to pick up on what may have been missed.
1 May 2012

Decision-making rules for diagnosing PE may save lives

Early detection of pulmonary embolism is critical, which puts the primary care internist on the front lines of preventing a patient's continual deterioration that culminates in death. Patients are as likely to present in the office with symptoms as they are at the emergency department.
1 Mar 2013

Med school debt becomes budgeting burden for primary care

A newly minted primary care physician graduates with a budget that leaves him or her $800 in the red each month. Compared to their subspecialist counterparts, the debt leaves primary care physicians feeling undervalued, especially since they value their work to be as hard and as important.
1 Jul 2011

In-office lab tests augment patient self-education efforts

Fifth in a six-part series on small practice issues.
1 May 2008

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