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Shifting standards for hypertension

many exclusions: prior stroke, end-stage kidney disease, a prior cardiovascular procedure, and symptomatic heart failure within the last 6 months, among others. ... While the payoff in terms of reduced heart failure and cardiovascular death was clear-cut,
March 2016

Heart failure

Isolated diastolic hypotension (IDH) is an independent risk factor for heart failure similar in magnitude to isolated systolic hypertension (ISH), researchers reported. ... Despite the study's limitations, prediction of heart failure based on low
October 2011

Patient self-management

An intensive program to teach self-management skills to heart failure patients didn't improve outcomes over a simple educational effort. ... Previous smaller trials have also failed to find benefit in teaching self-management skills to heart failure
September 2010


Eight hundred thirty-four patients were discharged with a diagnosis of heart failure during the preintervention period (Dec. ... period. The mean age in both the heart failure group and the control group was 58 years.
August 2013

Cardiac rehab uptake remains low, despite benefits

There are a lot of barriers to sending people with heart failure to cardiac rehab.”. ... Heart failure patients are the least likely to enroll in cardiac rehab, Dr.
March 2022

Heart failure

study. Certain geriatric conditions in older persons with heart failure may be modifiable risk factors for hospital admission, according to a new study. ... failure. Community-dwelling older patients who had a new diagnosis of heart failure were included,
February 2013


and for 30-day readmission for heart failure and cardiovascular disease, according to a new study. ... higher risk for readmission for heart failure and cardiovascular disease within 30 days.
December 2013

Learn to see signs of an often fatal disease

None of the symptoms of pulmonary hypertension are specific until somebody has right heart failure, and that's way down the road. ... Patients who develop heart failure need their local doctor to manage fluids and assess diuretics and electrolytes.
April 2013


Therapy guided by B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) reduces all-cause mortality in patients with chronic heart failure compared with usual clinical care, especially in patients younger than 75 years, even ... not able to examine key clinical end points,
March 2010


discharged from a hospital with a diagnosis of heart failure appears to reduce a patient's risk of readmission, according to a comparison of hospitals. ... The authors also said that early follow-up after discharge could be used in the future as a marker
May 2010

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