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A new guideline was released last week on pharmacologic therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) in adults. ... The guideline is intended for all clinicians caring for adults with PAH, including cardiologists, primary care internists,
June 2014


Dietary guidelines favoring high consumption of polyunsaturated fats and low consumption of saturated fats to reduce coronary risk are not supported by the available evidence, a recent meta-analysis found. ... Nutritional guidelines on fatty acids and
March 2014

Infectious disease

PEP). The guidelines also recommend taking a full four-week PEP regimen and undergoing close follow-up HIV testing that includes counseling and monitoring for drug toxicity. ... Follow-up appointments should start within 72 hours of exposure. These
August 2013


An expert panel revised existing ASCO guidelines based on a systematic review of the literature (including 12 major trials) on endocrine therapy for women with hormone-receptor positive disease. ... The guidelines were published online July 12 by the
July 2010

Highlights Most people with compromised immune systems should receive the flu shot and other vaccinations, noted a new guideline released by the ... Most people with compromised immune systems should
December 2013


The guidelines' key recommendations, which update the WHO's 1998 policy on this topic, are as follows:. ... Rather, it should be part of a TB prevention package along with infection control for TB, [intensified case-finding] and provision of
December 2010


When managing adult cancer survivors with pain lasting 3 or more months, clinicians should employ conservative interventions before considering opioids, according to new clinical practice guidelines released by the American Society ... The guidelines
August 2016


The current guidelines are an update of the 2011 version and are intended for clinicians who manage secondary prevention in this population. ... The guidelines were published online by Stroke on May 1. An executive summary is also available.
May 2014


Prevention guidelines state:. All adults and adolescents should be tested for HIV at least once. ... An editorial about integrating these guidelines into practice stated that prevention and treatment approaches should be complementary.
July 2014

Cardiology A new guideline for managing nonvalvular atrial fibrillation recommends using a more comprehensive risk calculator, diminishing aspirin's role, adding 3 ... A new guideline for managing
April 2014

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