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Influence, interactions, and ethical dilemmas

Advances in technology, genetics, and evolving financial reimbursement models continue to create new ethical conundrums or add layers or twists to age-old debates.
1 May 2019

Editor's Note: Zeroing in on SIBO

This issue also covers ethics, decisions aids, and dosing and response to common drugs.
1 May 2019

Refusal of treatment can present some tricky ethical dilemmas

This issue includes stories on informed refusal and on managing psoriasis.
1 Feb 2014

Spanish translation of ACP's Ethics Manual, Sixth Edition, now available

The Spanish translation of ACP's Ethics Manual, Sixth Edition, is now available online.
14 Jan 2014

Looking back: Some constants amid change

Looking back at the history of health care reform to gain insight on the future of primary care medicine.
1 Jul 2009

Internist searches for answers when test results go missing

An internist is surprised by a patient's previous blood work, which shows a dramatic rise in PSA levels. There is no evidence in the medical record that the patient was informed of, or that the internist acted upon, the prior abnormal PSA result. However, the internist is certain she never saw it. What should she do next?.
1 Apr 2009

Do placebos have a place in clinical practice?

Placebo use is common in internal medicine. But is it ethical? Experts examine the disconnect between the standards of medicine, and how it's actually practiced in the office.
1 Apr 2009

Social networking is a hit but will it change practice?

There's been a lot of talk in the media lately about physicians' enthusiasm for social networking. But how will it impact on the way they practice medicine?.
1 Apr 2009

Letters to the Editor

Readers consider recent articles on futile cases, autism and payment reform.
1 Jan 2009

‘Futile to whom?’ challenges views on reasonable recovery

A reader responds to a previous column that addresses how health care providers handle life-saving medical treatment despite no hope for recovery.
1 Nov 2008

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