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Warnings on power cords, asthma drugs, diabetes supplies

A summary of approvals, recalls, warnings and alerts digested by ACP Internist from the Food and Drug Administration's alerts.
November 2009


Higher diabetes-specific volume, however, was associated with better care on all 6 of the quality indicators. ... In addition, they said, further evidence is needed on the potential effectiveness of any intervention to improve diabetes care.
December 2016

Keep a close eye on the kidneys in diabetes

It's bad enough that millions of Americans have diabetes and chronic kidney disease (CKD). ... in the CDC's Division of Diabetes Translation and lead of the agency's CKD Initiative.
September 2020

Warning on diabetes drugs, approval of adjuvant flu vaccine

In a safety review, the FDA identified 73 cases of ketoacidosis in patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes treated with SGLT2 inhibitors and 19 cases of life-threatening urosepsis ... The most common adverse reaction was generalized pruritus. A notice
February 2016


Adrenal tumors previously considered nonfunctional and benign may be related to higher risk for incident diabetes, a recent study has shown. ... Patients' medical records were reviewed from the time of abdominal imaging to determine development of
August 2016


could help delay progression to diabetes but has not been shown to improve mortality rates. ... Sixteen trials consistently found that treatment of impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose tolerance was associated with delayed progression to diabetes.
April 2015


None of the patients had been diagnosed with diabetes as of their initial cardiac hospitalization. ... of diabetes when choosing a statin for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, the authors concluded.
June 2014


Researchers recruited 104 black people and 104 white people ages eight and older with type 1 diabetes from 10 diabetes centers in the U.S. ... Limitations of the study include the inclusion of only participants with type 1 diabetes and the use of CGM,
June 2017

Highlights ADA supports A1C for diabetes diagnosisExpert panel updates adult immunization schedule. ... The recommendations were published in a supplement to the January issue of Diabetes Care.
January 2010

Managing diabetes meds more complicated in elderly patients This issue covers topics including management of diabetes in the elderly, the public release of Medicare payments to physicians, and new approaches to ... As part of managing diabetes therapy in
October 2014

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