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study to estimate the prevalence of chronic kidney disease in adult type 2 diabetes patients. ... adult type 2 diabetes patients.
June 2011


found. Starting a diuretic or a statin in patients with impaired glucose tolerance significantly increased their risk of developing diabetes, a study found. ... According to their calculations, 1 additional case of diabetes would occur in 5 years for
December 2013


Researchers recently proposed extending the standard one-year screening interval for retinopathy to three or four years in low-risk patients with type 1 diabetes. ... patients with type 1 diabetes, the study authors estimated a cost savings of about $1
April 2017


noted. The score could help with treatment selection for diabetes and management of expectations in patients who are undergoing Roux-en-Y, an accompanying comment noted. ... Clinicians should also remember that even patients who are unlikely to achieve
September 2013

Diabetes care

At age 50, the trend flipped, with more men over age 50 being hospitalized for diabetes than women. ... Overall, the increases found by the study may reflect increasing diabetes prevalence in the adult population, the authors said.
October 2010

Type 1 diabetes

While there are benefits of regular exercise for people with type 1 diabetes, barriers exist that can be managed, according to an up-to-date consensus on exercise management in this ... They should also be advised to wear or carry some form of diabetes
January 2017


Older patients with myocardial infarction (MI) who take intensive-dose statins have the same risk of developing diabetes as those who take moderate-dose statins, a new study found. ... The primary outcome was new development of diabetes after discharge;
May 2013

Test yourself

diabetes mellitus complicated by sensory neuropathy and proliferative retinopathy, for which she has received laser photocoagulation. ... Continuing this patient's current therapy is the most appropriate management. This patient has long-standing type 2
December 2016


less weight gain, and similar hypoglycemia rates compared to patients on other type 2 diabetes treatment regimens, a new analysis of previous trials found. ... on other type 2 diabetes treatment regimens, a new analysis of previous trials found.
September 2014


In the study, 18% of patients had known diabetes or pre-diabetes, and 58% were normoglycemic. ... The other 24% were found to have previously unrecognized diabetes or impaired fasting glucose.
August 2012

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