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Warnings on prostate drugs, HIV combination therapy

clarification of parameters affecting dose, along with clear instructions on how to appropriately set those parameters; and.
January 2011

The front office bottleneck: schedules, phones and refills

a note to the doctor and documenting the refill, and waiting for the chart to be returned so she could call the pharmacy or the patient for clarification,” Dr.
March 2008

HIPAA omnibus final rule—it's time to brush up on the basics

These are only a few of the changes and clarifications made in the omnibus rule. ... For more information and specifics; a checklist of tools, forms, and policies that will need modification as a result of these clarifications; and newly revised tools
May 2013

Generic irbesartan, escitalopram, ibandronate approved

A warning and dosing clarification for the antidepressant citalopram hydrobromide (Celexa and generic forms) regarding the risk of QT prolongation and torsade de pointes.
June 2012

CMS proposes some revised requirements for chronic care

These requirements, which practices must meet in order to bill for this code, are an area about which ACP has expressed concern, provided feedback, and sought clarification.
September 2014

Future claims: Moving toward ICD-10 and new standards

The new remittance advice will also have an imbedded link to the payer's Web page that lists claims adjustment codes, in case clarification is needed.
July 2009

Integrative therapies may complement care

In 2015, The Joint Commission enacted a clarification of its pain management standard, recommending that clinicians offer both nonpharmacological options (including physical modalities such as acupuncture or massage therapy and cognitive
March 2016

Chronic care management at last, and how to code for it

clarification. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services outlined the following elements of the scope of service that are to be included in a 30-day period for CCM:.
January 2015

Flexible plans for ICD-10 implementation

On July 6, CMS announced plans to be flexible during the post-implementation phase of ICD-10, and on July 31, the agency issued further clarification about how this flexibility will
October 2015

ICD-9 diagnosis codes updated for 2011-2012

new codes that have not appeared in ICD-9 before,. revised codes whose descriptions have been altered slightly for clarification or for granularity, and.
November 2011

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