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Endogenous sex hormone levels associated with CVD in postmenopausal women

Researchers used data from women participating in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) who did not have cardiovascular disease and had levels of testosterone, estradiol, dehydroepiandrosterone, and sex hormone binding globulin measured at baseline.
5 Jun 2018

Effects of heart failure therapies on quality of life compared

Sacubitril/valsartan may improve limitations in physical and social activities that are important to patients with heart failure, researchers noted.
10 Apr 2018

Home BP monitoring works, but not as well alone

Home blood pressure monitoring needs to be combined with other interventions and the data collected must be used to engage the patient in some way to have the greatest effect.
1 Nov 2020

Beta-blockers not associated with lower risk of death after acute MI in patients without heart failure, study finds

The insignificant effect of beta-blockers on survival was also apparent at one month and six months after discharge, as well as in separate analyses of patients with STEMI and NSTEMI.
6 Jun 2017

Guideline-based care underused for PAD, study says

Interventions to optimize secondary prevention, such as physician note “checklists” or other systematic prescription programs, might improve medication use and lifestyle counseling.
2 May 2017

Understanding heart failure in African Americans

African Americans have a higher incidence of heart disease at a younger age, and they meet fewer criteria for ideal cardiovascular health, such as nonsmoking, physical activity, and lower body mass index.
1 Nov 2019

Closing care gaps in adult congenital heart disease

Many patients who are congenital heart disease survivors face gaps as they transition out of pediatric care, leading to problems that might have been avoided had they received appropriate, continuous care.
1 Mar 2020

Managing medication adherence

That most nonadherent patients are willfully rejecting doctors' orders might seem shocking. But physicians have to accept it in order to encourage patients to accept their advice. Digital health tools may offer potential aids in solving matters of adherence.
1 Mar 2017

Prepping IM residents for primary care

Although most patient visits and more than 60% of procedures now occur in the outpatient setting, most of the focus on residency training is on critically ill patients in the hospital.
1 May 2017

Atrial fibrillation patients often prescribed aspirin instead of anticoagulants, study finds

Cardiologists may be prescribing aspirin instead of oral anticoagulants because they think that aspirin is as efficacious as oral anticoagulants, or because they want to avoid the inconvenience of oral anticoagulation.
21 Jun 2016

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