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ACS changes breast cancer screening recommendations for women at average risk

Based on the available evidence, the American Cancer Society recommends that women who are at average risk of breast cancer should have regular screening mammography beginning at age 45.
27 Oct 2015

Interval cancer after screening colonoscopy more common in black patients than in white patients

Adjusting for the physicians' detection rate did not alter the differences in risk associated with race/ethnicity, the study noted.
23 May 2017

Assess for noncardiac complications in congenital heart disease survivors, AHA says

Physicians who care for adult patients with congenital heart disease should be mindful of the effects that the condition has on other organs, according to a scientific statement from the American Heart Association.
17 Oct 2017

Calmer talk needed about mammography

Controversy about implementing new mammography guidelines shouldn't cloud talks between doctors and the women they counsel. Clarify what the guidelines really say, and share the decision-making with patients, experts counsel.
1 Feb 2010

Decision aids integral to shared decision making

When used properly and in the correct situation, decision aids save time and costs by better meeting patient needs and increasing adherence.
1 May 2019

Internal Medicine Meeting 2016 goes to Washington

This issue covers topics such as colorectal cancer screening, the development and implementation of clinical guidelines, and management of stroke patients.
1 Jun 2016

Long-term aspirin use may prevent colorectal cancer, analysis shows

The benefit of aspirin on GI tract cancers was seen at a minimum of 6 years of regular use and appeared to be dose-dependent, developing at 0.5 to 1.5 standard (325 mg) aspirin tablets per week.
15 Mar 2016

New guidance issued on breast cancer screening, hormone therapy

Among other recommendations, screening mammography should be offered to women at average risk of breast cancer starting at age 40 years, and a shared decision-making process should be used to decide about the age to begin mammography screening.
27 Jun 2017

The latest issue of ACP Internist is online and coming to your mailbox

The next issue of ACP Internist is online and coming to your mailbox. Featured in this month's issue are stories about e-cigarettes, lung cancer screening recommendations, and the potential of GERD as a cause of pulmonary diseases.
4 Mar 2014

USPSTF issues final recommendations on screening for breast cancer

They apply to asymptomatic women 40 years of age and older who do not have preexisting breast cancer or history of a high-risk breast lesion and who are not at high breast cancer risk due to a known underlying genetic mutation or history of chest radiation as a child.
12 Jan 2016

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