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2009 brings some changes to Welcome to Medicare exam

Medicare's initial exam adds new benefits, including end-of-life planning and body mass index measurements. Find out how this will benefit your practice.
1 Mar 2009

Digital rectal exam may be ineffective for prostate cancer screening, meta-analysis indicates

The authors recommended against routine screening with this method in primary care to minimize unnecessary diagnostic testing, overdiagnosis, and overtreatment.
20 Mar 2018

Outcomes of limited cancer screening after unprovoked VTE similar to extensive screening

The overall prevalence of cancer in the 12 months after a diagnosis of venous thromboembolism was 5.2%. While the point prevalence was higher in patients receiving extensive screening than in those receiving limited screening, there was no significant difference at one year.
22 Aug 2017

Cervical cancer screening may be inadequate in older women

CDC researchers found that more older women than younger women reported not having been screened recently for cervical cancer, and 5.1% of patients ages 66 to 70 years reported that they had never been screened.
9 May 2017

In the News

The latest news and clinical studies affecting internal medicine, from the files of ACP InternistWeekly.
1 Jun 2009

Lung cancer screening requires intensive effort, incidental findings and inappropriate use common

In a clinical demonstration project at eight academic Veterans Health Administration hospitals, researchers looked at percentages of patients who agreed to undergo lung cancer screening, had positive findings on low-dose CT scans, were diagnosed with lung cancer, or had incidental findings.
7 Feb 2017

LUNG CANCER SCREENING cited the harms and costs of ...

LUNG CANCER SCREENING. cited the harms and costs of screening, andthe reliance on a single study, the NLST, forevidence of benefit. ... Itwas always for the purpose of annualscreening.”. The USPSTF called for development ofa registry from lung cancer screening pro-grams, which could provide more informa-tion on the effects of
25 Feb 2014

Study uncovers inconsistencies, challenges in shared decision making about lung cancer screening

Clinicians were inconsistent in the information they shared with patients, while patients were not always receptive to deliberating together.
27 Feb 2018

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

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1 Sep 2021

Physicians often omit harms when discussing lung cancer screening, study finds

In one study, while physicians universally recommended lung cancer screening, discussion of harms was essentially absent, and none of the patient encounters met the minimum skill criteria for eight of 12 shared decision-making behaviors.
21 Aug 2018

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