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Women's health groups recommend screening all women for urinary incontinence annually

Given the prevalence of urinary incontinence, that women do not volunteer symptoms, and the multiple and frequently changing risk factors associated with incontinence, annual testing is reasonable, a clinical guideline concluded.
14 Aug 2018

Decision aids increased knowledge about prostate cancer but didn't affect screening rates

Decision aids improved participants' informed decision making about prostate cancer screening but did not change the actual screening rates, a study found.
6 Aug 2013

HPV testing compared with cytology may result in less cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

Clinicians will have to choose between primary human papillomavirus testing and co-testing based on modeling and cost-effectiveness studies, an editorial noted.
10 Jul 2018

ACP revises advice on women's health

New guidelines that change the recommendations for practices such as pelvic exams are leading to changes in the mindsets of physicians and patients.
1 Sep 2015

Call for public comment on Women's Preventive Services Initiative recommendations

Topics include screening for cervical cancer, counseling for sexually transmitted infections, HIV screening, contraception and contraceptive counseling, breastfeeding services and supplies, screening for interpersonal and domestic violence, well-woman preventive visits, and breast cancer screening for average-risk women.
13 Sep 2016

Preventive care still on during COVID-19

COVID-19 may foster innovation in primary care as physicians describe various strategies to reconnect with patients, such as leveraging telemedicine visits to also explain the practice's coronavirus-related safety protocols, or systematically reviewing their panels to flag at-risk patients.
1 Nov 2020

Four risk prediction models found most accurate for guiding lung cancer screening

These models picked similar numbers of patients who had ever smoked, showed better agreement on size of the screening population, and achieved consensus on 73% of persons chosen, while the other five models generally overestimated risk.
15 May 2018

MKSAP Quiz: Intermittent rectal bleeding of 3 months' duration

A 46-year-old man is evaluated for intermittent rectal bleeding of 3 months' duration. Colonoscopy finds 12 polyps, and genetic testing reveals biallelic mutations in the MYH gene. What is the most cost-effective approach to determining if the patient's children have inherited MYH-associated polyposis?
3 Apr 2018

What's next for breast cancer screening?

Mammography screening guidelines by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force set off a firestorm of controversy. But now that the flames have subsided, doctors need to know what to tell their patients.
1 Feb 2010

Letters to the Editor

PSA tests, fibromyalgia and reconsidering clinical impressions are discussed and debated by ACP members.
1 May 2009

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