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Researchers used data from the Norwegian breast cancer screening program to quantify screening mammography's effect on breast cancer mortality. ... Norway began its breast cancer screening program in 1996 in select counties and rolled it out
September 2010


Screening for ovarian cancer with CA-125 tests and transvaginal ultrasound may not reduce mortality rates, a new study suggests. ... To determine the effect of ovarian cancer screening on mortality, researchers from the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and
June 2011

More debate about mammography This issue covers the debate about breast cancer screening, medication adherence, and the ethics of students who follow up on patients by using ... Overdiagnosis has been one of the recent issues
March 2017

Personal choices may sway mammography

Women should be informed participants in personalized decisions about breast cancer screening,” the authors wrote. ... The site also offers a breast cancer screening aid.) Too often, the life expectancy of healthy older adults may be underestimated,
October 2021

Highlights A1c predicts cardiovascular disease, death in nondiabeticsGuidelines suggest more informed consent for prostate cancer screening.
March 2010

Colorectal cancer

The authors noted that given the safety, simplicity, low cost, and minimal discomfort of FIT, it is a viable alternative screening strategy for patients at increased risk for colorectal cancer, which ... colorectal cancer] or adenomas, especially since
June 2017

High-value management of patients with GI symptoms

Cheatham. Another etiology of rectal bleeding is radiation proctitis, which typically develops one to two years after radiation exposure in those treated for cervical cancer or prostate cancer, he noted. ... Cheatham added that, for average-risk colon
June 2017

Cancer screening Childhood cancer survivors who develop subsequent primary neoplasms in adulthood are most likely to experience digestive and genitourinary cancers, so screening ... Women treated with chest
June 2011

Test yourself

MYH-associated polyposis (MAP) is the only known autosomal recessive hereditary colorectal cancer syndrome. ... Genetic testing is usually done at the age at which high-risk colorectal cancer screening would begin, which is 18 years in MAP and attenuated
April 2018


benefit in 1 large ovarian-cancer screening study, and it has not been found to increase detection of any other cancers. ... evidence. The guideline does not apply to Pap smear screening. A cervical cancer screening should be limited to visual inspection
July 2014

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