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The authors noted that they didn't take personal medical history or previous cancer screening into account and did not consider criteria for genetic risk assessment, among other limitations. ... of women would become eligible for more intensive breast
July 2011

Infectious diseases

However, some patients may be eligible for lung cancer screening, which should be performed as clinically indicated.
October 2019


Rates of self-reported cancer screening were gathered from 27,404 participants age 65 and over in the National Health Interview Survey, conducted annually from 2000 through 2010. ... Rates of prostate and cervical cancer screening decreased over the
August 2014

Screening for lung cancer a struggle

Implementation of lung cancer screening in the Veterans Health Administration. JAMA Intern Med. ... Attitudes and perceptions about smoking cessation in the context of lung cancer screening.
May 2018


found. To evaluate the two tests, researchers conducted a randomized clinical trial in an organized cervical cancer screening program in Canada. ... Amid this substantial shift, new screening tools must be combined with redoubled efforts to engage
July 2018

High-value care

2. Healthcare Costs and Payment Models. 3. High Value Diagnostic Testing and Cancer Screening.
January 2016

Colorectal cancer

To assess the long-term detection rates with FIT for advanced adenoma and colorectal cancer by anatomical location, researchers conducted a population-based, organized screening program in Italy among patients ages ... However, lower sensitivity in
October 2018

Prostate cancer

years, because the harms of prostate cancer screening outweigh the benefits for these patients. ... ACP developed this guidance statement for clinicians by assessing current prostate cancer screening guidelines developed by other organizations.
April 2013

Women's health

screening with ultrasonography and CA-125 levels lead to increased rates of a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and complications, with no reduction in mortality. ... Applying a screening test to a large population is a very serious responsibility,” the
August 2018


Included patients were of average risk for colon cancer and had had screening colonoscopy between 2001 and 2003. ... They also called for more patient involvement. “Given the increasing public interest in and ownership of cancer screening, public
May 2011

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