Chapter Awardees

Chapters honor Members, Fellows, and Masters of ACP who have demonstrated by their example and conduct an abiding commitment to excellence in medical care, education, research, or service to their community, their chapter, and ACP. Awardees have a long history of excellence and peer approval in the specialty of Internal Medicine. In recognition of their outstanding service, these exceptional individuals received chapter awards in the fall 2013:


Sara G. Tariq, MD, FACP, Arkansas Abernathy Laureate winner

California Northern

Faith Fitzgerald, MD, MACP, Laureate Award

George Meyer, MD, FACP, Volunteerism Award

Alfred Sadler, Jr., MD, FACP, Lifetime Achievement Award

Asthma Asyyed, MD, Resident/Fellow Recognition for Leadership

Alejandro Diaz, MD, Resident/Fellow Recognition for Mentorship

Jorge Garcia, MD, MS, FACP, Distinguished Teacher/Mentorship


Pablo Archila, MD, FACP, Commitment to Medical Journals

Hernando Matiz, MD, FACP, Contribution to Medical Education in Internal Medicine and Cardiology

District of Columbia

Henry Masur, MD, MACP, John F. Maher Laureate Award

A. Janelle Goetcheus, MD, Volunteerism and Community Service

Ashesh Patel MD, Leadership Award

Charles Faselis MD, Sol Katz Teaching Award

Lcdr. Todd Gleeson MD, USN, Sol Katz Teaching Award

Walter Lester Henry, Jr., Award for Lifetime Teaching Excellence

Kenneth Burman, MC, USA, MACP, Walter Lester Henry Jr Award for Lifetime Teaching Excellence

Edward Tsou, MD, Walter Lester Henry, Jr., Award for Lifetime Teaching Excellence


Tia Bingham, Volunteerism Award

William T. Branch, MD, MACP, Leadership Award

Steven L. Carpenter, MD, FACP, J. Willis Hurst Award

Peter Daniel, Volunteerism Award

Edwin Grimsley, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Danielle Jones, MD, FACP, Volunteerism Award

Robin Klein MD, Mark Silverman, MD, MACP Award

Marilyn Lavallee, MD, Community Service Award

Dipak Vashi, MD, Community Service Award


Daniel S. Bendetowicz, MD, FACP, Key Contact of the Year Award

James M. Cooper, MD, FACP, Community-Based Teacher of the Year

Jason M. Goldman, MD, FACP, Internist of the Year

John N. Greene, MD, FACP, Outstanding Teacher of the Year


Heidi M. Lakanen, MD, FACP, Governor's Award

Michael C. Sha, MD, FACP, Laureate Award


Steven Stites, MD, FACP, Laureate Award


Paula D. Bailey, MD, University of Kentucky Faculty Award

Rita Bailey, Community Award

Justin J.W. Choi, University of Louisville Medical Student Award

Ryan E. Hall, MD, University of Kentucky Resident Award

Lt. David Kline, University of Kentucky Medical Student Award

Kelly C. McCants, MD, University of Louisville Faculty Award

Tracy L. Ragland, MD, Physician Community Service

Alison K. Smith, DO, University of Louisville Resident Award

Stuart Urbach, MD, Laureate Award


Stephen Hayes, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Kathleen Fairfield, MD, FACP, Community Service Award


Daniel Blumenthal, MD, Resident Leadership Award

Robert M. Fishman, DO, FACP, Laureate Award

Xibei Jia, Student Leadership Award

Larissa Lucas, MD, Young Leadership Award

Loni Rogers, Student Leadership Award


Thomas Auer, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Scott Kaatz, DO, FACP, Laureate Award

Carol Kauffman, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Mark Spoolstra, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Paul Grant, MD, FACP, Raymond Murray Governor's Award

Heather Laird-Fick, MD, FACP, Raymond Murray Governor's Award

Jack Sobel, MD, MACP, Great Internist of Michigan

Carl Lauter, MD, FACP, Lifetime Achievement Award


Steven Hillson, MD, MSc, FACP, Laureate Award


Brent W. Beasley, MD, FACP, Laureate Award


Kara Addison, NP, Affiliate of the Year Award

Anne M. Murphy, MD, Volunteer Service of the Year Award

Jim A. Yturri, MD, FACP, Laureate Award


Ronald L. Asher, MD, FACP, Volunteerism Award

Micah Beachy, MD, FACP, Early Career Physician Award

Marvin J. Bittner, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Richard J. Seitz, MD, FACP, Advocacy Award

Peter Silverstein, O’Donohue Award

Chad W. Vokoun, MD, FACP, Meyer Award

New Hampshire

Pancras H. Van Der Laan, MD, Lifetime Achievement Award

New Mexico

George Comerci, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

North Dakota

LaVaun M. McCann, MD, FACP, Distinguished Teacher/Mentor Award

William P. Newman, MD, FACP, Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Skarpol, Community Service Award


Stephen D. Mueller, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Steven A. Ricanati, MD, FACP, Master Teacher Award

Erdal Sarac, MD, FACP, Master Teacher Award

Eric J. Warm, MD, FACP, Master Teacher Award


Eldon Gibson, MD, FACP, Lifetime Achievement

Hanna Saadah, MD, FACP, Excellence in Medical Humanities


R. Brian Haynes, MD, MACP, Laureate Award

Janet M. Roscoe, MD, FACP, Laureate Award


Paul Sehdev, MD, FACP, Howard P Lewis Distinguished Teaching Award

Jenny Silberger, MD, FACP, Outstanding Young Physician Award

Maureen Wright, MD, Howard P Lewis Distinguished Teaching Award

South Dakota

Randall B. Lamfers, MD, Early Career Physician of the Year

Michael R. McVay, MD, Volunteer of the Year

Michael P. Pietila, MD, Early Career Physician of the Year

David R. Rossing, MD, FACP, Teacher of the Year


Kenneth E. Olive, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Donald E. Robinson, MD, FACP, Volunteerism Award


Philip S. Bentlif, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Antonio M. Gotto, Jr., MD, DPhil, FACP, Laureate Award

Stephen B. Greenberg, MD, MACP, Laureate Award

Kenneth I. Shine, MD, MACP, Laureate Award

James M. Wagner, MD, MSc, FACP, Community Service Award

Pete Yunyongying, MD, FACP, Young Physician of the Year Award

U.S. Navy

Capt. Jeffrey B. Cole, MC, USN, FACP, Laureate Award

Lt. James D. Prahl, MC, USN, Sparks Award


William A. Agger, MD, FACP, Distinguished Internist of the Year Award

Tammy Baldwin, Legislator of the Year Award

Kathlyn Fletcher, MD, MA, FACP, Helen Dickie Woman of the Year Award

Juanita Halls, MD, FACP, Laureate Award

Paul Halverson, MD, FACP, Volunteerism and Community Service Award

Barbara Horner-Ibler, MD, Addis Costello Award

Samuel Poser, MD, Community-Based Physician and Mentor Award

Vipulkumar B. Rana, MD, FACP, Young Internist of the Year Award